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Why are eggs a special Easter symbols?

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Easter eggs are meant to symbolize the 'empty tomb of Jesus.' In other words, the shell of the egg represents impenetrable stone, yet still a life can be hatched from it.
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Why is an Easter egg the symbol of Passover?

Its not. Easter eggs are symobls of fertility left over from pre-christian fertility rituals practiced around the time of the spring solstice. The Church (in an effort to conv

Why is an egg a symbol of Easter?

Good question!The egg is an ancient symbol of rebirth connected to the Spring, when life returns to the dead cold Earth.It's actually rather pagan, but the Church is cool with

Why is the egg chosen as a symbol for easter?

  Christian Explanation: Easter-What Are Its Origins? BY MANY Easter is considered to be Christendom's chief religious festival. Early on Easter morning large numbers

What is the symbolic meaning of the Easter egg?

The egg has long since been a symbol for resurrection and new life; from the time of the ancient Persians, through Jewish culture, and well incorporated in the Christianity, t

Why are there Easter eggs but no Easter bird?

The egg was a symbol of spring, fertility, and rebirth over 2,000 years ago, long before it began a world-wide association with the Christian celebration of Easter. There is n

What do Easter eggs mean on Easter?

The Easter egg represents the empty tomb that the two women found the day after Jesus had been crucified. But now most Easter eggs have chocolate inside them, this takes away
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What do the Easter eggs symbolize?

Eggs are a traditional Pagan symbol of Spring and rebirth. The first Easter Egg is attributed to Mary Magdalene when she found Christ's tomb empty. She brought an egg to sho
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How do Easter eggs relate to Easter?

Easter comes from a pagan spring rite and eggs represent the rebirth of the world after the death in winter. The Catholic Church in the Middle Ages was able to convert the pa