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Why are fossil fuels regarded as indirect solar energy sources?

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Fossil fuels are considered indirect solar energy sources because all fossil fuels were formed from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago :)

However, there is a growing body of science that asserts that the concept of fossil fuels is totally erroneous, and indeed, a myth. Click on the link below for an interesting article that supports that notion.
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How do fossil fuels contain solar energy?

Fossil fuels come from plants and microscopic organisms, which long ago died and were buried in the earth and slowly transformed into coal, oil, and gas. These plants and micr

Why is solar energy good to fossil fuels?

because solar energy is renewable (never gets used up), solar energy is energy from the sun, it will never run out....fossil fuels such as oil coal and gas are getting used up

What is the fuel source of solar energy?

Light generally produced by the sun. It is possible to create solar energy using electric lights, as seen in the episode of James May's Big ideas - Power to the people when