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Why are fossil fuels regarded as indirect solar energy sources?

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Fossil fuels are considered indirect solar energy sources because all fossil fuels were formed from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago :)

However, there is a growing body of science that asserts that the concept of fossil fuels is totally erroneous, and indeed, a myth. Click on the link below for an interesting article that supports that notion.
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Why are fossil fuel an attractive source of energy?

Cause it is the only powerful source of energy,and nothing else can power stuff as strong as fossil fuels can. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are a powerful source o

How does solar energy reduce the use of fossil fuels?

Most countries burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.If they used solar power to generate electricity, thenThey would not have to use so much fossil fuel. Solar Energy it

What fossil fuel does solar energy replace?

Solar energy produced only 0.1 percent of US total electricity in 2006, so it is hardly replacing anything as yet in that total. More solar energy is captured by individual ho

What advantage does solar energy have compared to using fossil fuels?

  1. The sun is always there and always will be, though of course the solar energy received at any site depends on season and amount of cloud cover, whilst fossil fuels wi

How did the solar energy get stored in the fossil fuels?

When the trees and vegetation were growing they took in solar energy through photosynthesis. This energy was stored in the plants as hydrocarbons. It remains there as the plan

How do fossil fuels contain solar energy?

Fossil fuels come from plants and microscopic organisms, which long ago died and were buried in the earth and slowly transformed into coal, oil, and gas. These plants and micr

What are the advantage of solar energy over fossil fuels?

1- No direct output of polluting emissions ( though the production of solar panels emits CO2 and is costly and materials' intensive) 2- almost zero running cost ( free energy)
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Why is the sun the source of energy for fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are produced by the slow alteration of masses of vegetation, compressed underground. That vegetation originally used the energy of sunlight to grow, therefore it