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Why are hemoglobin red?

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It is due its bound porphyrin moiety which imparts red color. This misconception should be cleared that it is not due to iron bound to porphyrin.
[Note: porphyrin+iron ------> heme ,,,, heme+globin------> hemoglobin]
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Does red meat increase hemoglobin?

Well red meat has iron in it which is necessary for the hemoglobin (it is full of iron) but it will not increase the amount, just improve functionality if you are lacking.

Reduction of hemoglobin in red blood cells?

A low hemoglobin level can be caused by bleeding disorders such as Aplastic Anemia, and other bleeding disorders. Low hemoglobin levels can also be caused by an injury that ca

Why does hemoglobin make blood red?

Blood contains a protein called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin, which contains iron, is found in red blood cells and is the ingredient that makes blood red. Hemoglobin transports oxyg

Will blood be red without hemoglobin?

No. The primary cause of the red color we associate with arterial blood is caused by the color of hemoglobin in its oxygen bound state. If I may speculate as to what color b