Why are machine gun not allowed in ambulance?

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obviously because they are dangerous and what if the patient had a seizure and knocked the gun. It would set it off and everyone would die.
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What is a machine gun?

A machine gun is basically an automatic rifle, it has working gas parts which means that the bolt can cock itself instead of a manual cock, therefore the gun can fire faster,

What are machine guns?

A machine gun, is a self-loading gun that can fire multiple shots with a single actuation of a trigger. It will fire for as long as the trigger is held pulled or pressed or un

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Both the M113 APC (used as an ACAV in Vietnam) and the M551 Sheridan tank (Airborne Armored Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle) were both new in Vietnam; 1962 and 1969 respectivel
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Where can you buy a machine gun OR where could you shoot a machine gun?

If you live in a state where machine guns are legal, you must find a shooting range that is a class III dealer and has a machine gun to rent. Otherwise, to legally shoot one,
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Why are guns allowed?

Because the majority of voters feel they should be allowed.