Why are men and womens events in gymnastics different?

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Well, the events that are the same are: Floor Exercise, and Vault.

Women do not do the rings or pommel horse because it requires a great deal of strength. Men do not do the Uneven bars because it is hard on their anatomy (having different reproductive parts) to maneuver between bars (high bar and low bar) like the women can. So they stick to the one high bar. Men do not compete on balance beam because a mans sense of balance isn't as good as the females sense of balance. (and it takes more grace to be on the balance beam)
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Why are there separate events for men and women in the Olympics?

\n. \n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nthe reason that there are different events for men and women is because men sports its much more brutal. for instance in hockey they split men and women because in mens hockey you can body check( nocking the other person down).

How are women different from men?

This question has the same fraternal concept and as many answers as the question, "What is the meaning of life?". The gender differences can be extensive and exhausting, with a myriad of perspectives, scientific theories, as well as practical knowledge. Without descending to an in-depth dissertatio (MORE)

Why women are so different from men?

OF course, because women have different needs, wants, nature and everything. Try to imagine if men and women are alike and everything? Uhm, i find it so boring then..

What is the difference between men and women?

Men are usually taller than woman also are usually (but not always)better at sport than woman as they usually have bigger muscles. Menand woman are just as clever as each other. Women have breasts and vaginas, while men have a penis. Women havebabies.

Difference in men and women skeletons?

Answer . Men usually have larger skulls then women, also women's hip bones are built wider, to enable procreation.. Answer . Men usually have larger skulls then women, also women's hip bones are built wider, to enable procreation.

Why women and men are so different?

They are different because they think and communicate in different ways. Men use short sentences and keep it simple and women think aloud and verbalize their thoughts. Men brains are compartmentalized and have the ability to store information separately. The female brain cannot store information th (MORE)

Why are women so different from men?

When it comes to man and woman only God can really tell us our purpose. But if you want the genetic or realistic explanation it's like "ying and yang" When it comes to men, solving problem or making a decision they rather use logic. Being a man and what they can do, are different from us woman. Men (MORE)

What are the events in gymnastics?

Women's gymnastics has four events which is Vault, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam, and Uneven Bars. Men's gymnastics has six events: Vault, Floor, Rings, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, and High Bar.

Why are gymnastics events different for men and women?

well for one reason men and women have different body stretchers so what you are saying now is like asking a women to grow Ab's men have more mules then women and both men and women are not equal some things men can do that women can not do and there are some things woman can do and man can do so se (MORE)

What are the all round mens gymnastics events?

Floor Vault Rings High Bar P-Bars (Parallel Bars) Pommel Horse There is also: Trampoline Power tumbling (kinda) ^these last two are not really events in gymnastics... so if you were to start training for gymnastics you probably wouldn't be doing the trampoline or power tumbling unless you wanted (MORE)

The difference between men and women?

Of course we all agree that men and women are different physically. What about emotions and how we communicate? I think it has changed from when my mother was a teenager. She still thinks guys have one thing on their mind and that is how to get in a women's pants. I disagree. I think in this millenn (MORE)

Why are women different from men?

Aside from the obvious...women have waaay more hormones they have to deal with. What with menstrual cycles, and menopause...our bodies change so much our minds aren't quite sure how to handle or react to them...so that's why there's typically more bi-polar women. But other than that, we're not that (MORE)

Name the events or disciplines for men of gymnastic?

Male gymnasts compete on 6 different events, each requiring a different skill base. The compete on Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar. The Floor and Vault are also done by female gymnasts.

Why do men and women have different genitals?

The genitals are for the propagation of the species. \n \nFemale genitals are designed for being receptive to sperm, for the development of eggs (ovum), combining the female eggs with sperm, and providing protection and nutrition to carry the offspring (babies) to term. After which they babies mu (MORE)

How many event for men and women are there in Alpine skiing?

Well..... this was actually my question to begin with..... but i thought it would be cool to answer my questionnn So the answer is....... LOOK IT UP !!! CAUSE IM NOT GONNA TELL YOU WELL THATS ALSO BECAUSE I DONT KNOW ITT HAHAHA Anyways I really don't no but if you do pleasee tell meee : (MORE)

Can men do gymnastics?

Yes men do gymnastics and many medals were won by them at the London and other Olympic Games.

Why do men have 6 events in gymnastics and women have 4?

Well, let me start by saying that women are stretchier and have more curves than men do. This would cause their boobies to hit the parallel bars and also if men went on the balance beam they could rack themselves and then they wouldn't be able to make babies. I mean duh, it's bad enough when the men (MORE)

Are men and women different?

well yes and no women are a different gender so are men but they are humans and they can both dies and eat no because the lord good created us we all sin and let saint control us so yes and no i would mostly choose no

How many event in women gymnastics?

In women's artistic gymnastics (what is known as regular gymnastics) has four events. The Balance Beam, the Uneven Bars, the Vault, and the Floor Exercise. Athletes may choose the events individually and just compete that event, or they may choose to compete in the all around competition. Meaning (MORE)

What are five different gymnastic events?

For women/girls,there are only four events. They are floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, and the vault. For the men/boys, they are six events. They are floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, high bar, and parallel bars.