Why are most children adopted?

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Because underage children have sex without using protection
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Can you have foster children and adopt from China?

Answer . Yes. As long as your home has room for foster children and they would be comfortable, then there isn't a problem with it. Just be sure you contact the social worker to let them know.. Answer . ADOPTIONS are based on your ability to foster and your means; (room enough in\nyour house, (MORE)

Can priests adopt children?

I have heard of priest adopting children, however, they have to obtain special permission from the pope. This is because their hearts are not supposed to belong to anyone except God, this is also why they cant marry. my husband and his brother were addopted by a priest he had to go to suprem court t (MORE)

How adoption helps children?

Answer . It gives the possability of a more loving home. It also helps them quite a bit if a woman decides not to have an abortion because someone will take care of the child.

How do adopted children feel about their adoptive parents?

They will probally always be curious about their past but still love the parents that they have eventhough they may try to hunt for their original parents. I ADORE my adoptive parents, they are the loveliest, kindest people you could ever meet, i feel very lucky but despite all of this, i will alwa (MORE)

Who are the adopted children of Josephine Baker?

Aiko (Korea), Luis (Colombia), Janot (Japan), Jari (Finland), Jean-Claude (Canada), Moses (French), Marianne (France), Noel (France), Brahim (Arab), Mara (Venezuela), Koffi (the Ivory-Coast), Stellina (Morocco).

Can lesbians adopt children?

\nThat would depend on where you live I guess. In Canada you can legally marry and adopt.\n. \nIn Florida gay adoptions are not acceptable. In most other parts of the US it is common place, but you would probably be safest to check with where ever you are from.\n. \nIf you are interested in learni (MORE)

Why are children adopted?

This is an opinion question. Here is my opinion: . To give them the legal status of natural children and thus the security that comes with this status. . To prevent others with legal claims from taking them away from their adoptive parents. . It allows people who could otherwise have no childre (MORE)

Waiting children adopt cost?

A children that is in process of adoption it would cost from approximately $0 to $40,000 it depends on the number of factors.

Parents looking for children to adopt?

Any parent looking to adopt should check with their city/state about kids up for adoption. Contact a local adoption agency to find out who is up for adoption. Make sure you know if you want to have an open or closed adoption (open is the birth parents can contact the child closed is they can not) (MORE)

Is there any benefits when children are adopted?

There are many benefits for the child when he or she is adopted. When a child is given up for adoption it is usually because the biological parents are not fit to care for the child. So a benefit to the child is being able to grow up in a stable and safe environment that their parents couldn't provi (MORE)

Who can adopt children?

There are some general things but here is some facts I found. Many years ago, only married couples were permitted to adopt. Single people and homosexual couples were excluded as a matter of course, without evaluation of their individual merits as potential parents. Today, a wider spectrum of pros (MORE)

Why do people adopt children?

For many reasons . Because they want to help children . Because they want to add to their family and cannot otherwise (due to infertility, other medical reasons, or because they're in a same sex relationship). . Because it's something a good is supposed to do. . Because they themselves were ad (MORE)

Where do foster children stay when not adopted?

If none of these options are viable the plan for the minor may enter OPPLA (Other Planned Permanent Living Arrangement). This option allows the child to stay in custody of the state and the child can stay placed in a foster home, with a relative or an Independent Living Center or long term care faci (MORE)

Where can lesbians get married and or adopt children?

Well in a few states it is legal to have a gay marriage washing ton was the last one to do it so far but i bet there will be more and i think that as long as your old enough even if your a lesbian i think you can adopt anywhere.

Are adopted children sisters?

Assuming you are speaking of two or more females, yes. There is no difference legally, socially, or in this day and age, culturally, between "adopted" and "biological". One has a genetic link to the parent, the other does not. That is all.

Can you only adopt if you are unable to have children?

No not at all but you might get higher on the list if you want to adopt from your own country if you are infertile. . Whether you can have children or not even parents with their own children can adopt children and some single people can also adopt children.

Can adopted children be given back?

Yes. Sadly anyone can give their children up, biological or not. If you do give a child back to the agency I can assure you you will not be allowed to adopt again. The child is supposed to be like your own, like you carried him for 9 months and there is no return policy on a child you gave birth to. (MORE)

Why are adopted children made fun of?

All children are made fun of. The taunting stops when a child learns to handle it or how fight back effectively. An adopted child has to learn to say, "I am special, my parents chose me, your parents had to take what they got." If it keeps up, he or she has to say, "Your parents had to take the jerk (MORE)

When do adopted children learn that they were adopted?

Children should be told about their adoption even before they are able to verbally communicate. Conversations about adoption should be positive, natural, and factual and communicated in a way that recognizes the child developmental stage. What is said at 2 is going to be much different than what is (MORE)

Are the Gosselin children adopted?

No. The Gosselin children are Jon and Kate Gosselin's biological children. None were adopted, first twins (Cara and Mady) and then Sextuplets (Alexis, Hanna, Leah, Aaden, Collin, and Joel). They twins, and then sextuplets after trying to have just one more child.

What is adopted children mean?

an adopted child is when they children have a mom and a dad but they aren't actually related to them the mother and the father just take care of them.adopting a child is a good cause so that children don't have to suffer.if you don't want your child you bring them to the foster home and they will ta (MORE)

How are adopted children different from foster children?

adoptive parents is like a new mother and father is are adopted don't feel that your adoptive parents are taking over your birth parents.... foster carers get a lot of money to look after you but adoptive parents only get the money normal parents have e.g, child benefits hope this information helps (MORE)

Can a Muslim adopt children?

Most certainly. It is a fundamental part of a Muslims belief to care for children. The only condition is that not to be given the father name to avoid confusuion in relatives and blood relations.

Can individual transsexuals adopt children?

It depends on the state honestly. Most states allow for individuals to adopt. Some will not let you adopt if you are in a cohabiting relationship. It just depends. Check discussion for more info.

What detective character has adopted children?

Dick Tracy. Junior was his adopted, but not biological son. Most of the mature or management types in the old strip ( Chester Gould) resembled take-offs on ,For looks, FDR or FDR cum Rockefeller, such as Inventor Diet Smith, etc.

Are adopted children harder to raise?

I will be very frank with you. I was an adopted child, and I have 3 adopted siblings. Yes we are very very very difficult to raise. I eventually grew out of my problems but some never do. My advice to you is, if you choose to adopt, be very wise. I suggest a 100% closed adoption, and do not adopted (MORE)

How do you adopt children in Fable 3?

go to the bower stone orphanage go to the big room at the end of the hallway and interact with a child them click A to adopt but you have too complete the bower stone Resistance quest first. But if your like me the game always malfunctions and the children never line up at their beds, don't waste (MORE)

Were Elizabeth Taylors children adopted?

Elizabeth and Richard Burton adopted a baby girl who they named Maria. Elizabeth's three other children (Michael, Christopher and Liza) were delivered by Elizabeth and her husband (s) Michael Wilding and Mike Todd.

Why do adoptive parents abuse their children?

This is a rarity; not common. Lately, in the news, there was a study that found that families have behaviors in common--not just limited to gestures, phrases or rates of learning. An adopted child comes from another family type and may have issues related to that biological behavior from the two fam (MORE)

Are Rodman Philbrick's children adopted?

As of 2013, Rodman Philbrick is an author of novels for adults and children and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Rodman Philbrick does not have any kids, he married Lynn Harnett in the year 1980.

How do children know if they are adopted?

If a child is older they know if they were adopted but the ones who are adopted as babies, and therefor have pictures, might never find out unless the parents tell or their parents or siblings try to find them.

Where is the best place to adopt children from?

Anywhere! There are millions of orphans in the world who are inneed of forever families. You will also be able to read the laws that may exclude you fromadopting from a specific country. Some countries allow both singlesand married couples to adopt, some countries require marriedcouples to be marri (MORE)

Is Barack Obama children adopted?

No. Both of the Obama daughters are biological children. Michelle Obama gave birth to them when she and Barack were still living in Chicago. ------------------ If so, then someone please produce ANY photos x 2 intervals of pre-pregnancy carrying near term(ALL women and friends have them and kid/ (MORE)

Are the Amish allowed to adopt children?

Sure! Why wouldn't they be? Amish kids who need adoption usually are adopted by aunt and uncle, in a private adoption. The Amish consider a large family to be a blessing from God. Sometimes women facing an unwanted pregnancy seek out an Amish family to adopt their babies. The Amish are hard wo (MORE)

Can you ask for custody of your children after adoption?

After they have been adopted . . . no. Not unless there was fraud involved in the adoption. If you have questions about your children's adoption you should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody and adoption. The attorney can review the details and explain your rights and options, if an (MORE)