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Why are mushrooms growing on top of your grandmother's grave?

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Because graveyard soil tends to be rich in organic matter, there is a chance that mushrooms may grow around the graves.

Specifically, the soil-dwelling critters of the soil food web die and decay. Their body parts break down and in so doing enrich the soil with nutrients such as nitrogen. The nutrients tend to stay in place in graveyard soils. So the nutrients are there to be accessed by plants - such as mushrooms - that favor nutrient-rich soils.
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How do you stop mushrooms from growing in your planter?

  Mushrooms are a fungus, or more accurately the fruiting growth of a fungus, the actual mycelium are underground. A general purpose fungicide will help but most mushroo

Why are there mushrooms growing in my house?

Mushrooms tend to grow where there are favorable conditions for them and they tend to like darkness and moisture. Things like recent flooding, roof leaks, damp basements, and

What month do magic mushrooms grow?

From experience, In the UK and Ireland expect to see them in Autumn. So start looking by late September for potential locations. Possibly peeking in mid- late October. I have

Can magic mushrooms grow in Oklahoma?

  You can grow them in any closet with the right humidity and temp. As for outside you they do but you need to look after a rain when the humidity is up.

How do you grow magic mushrooms a house?

go to the gas pipe or dragons breath, or anyother headshop and ask them about a shroom kit....It pretty much does everything for you

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yes, unlike plants that require photosynthesys to make their food, mushrooms are decomposers and get their food from rotting vegitation. Mushrooms can and do grow well in abso
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  they do but only when its hot after it rains, look in horse or cow fields and go here to identify or if you want to grow your own. no it doesnt stink up your house.

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Yes, mushrooms can technically grow without sunlight. They obtain  all of their nutrients from the soil but they tend to use ambient  light to produce vitamin D.