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They are endangered because humans have been cutting down their habitats and burning down forests where they live, including their food source, bamboo.
Some people have also been illegally poaching them and killing them in the wild.

Pandas also naturally have great difficulty reproducing. Particularly captive Pandas.
Pandas will not breed unless they feel "safe" and are certain there is no human interference in the area; they're very fussy breeders. And they only breed around once every two years, giving birth to one panda - rarely two.
Pandas are endangered because the Chinese cut their food source (bamboo) to make their supplies (brushes, chopsticks, etc.) Because the panda's food supply is low, pandas starve. Pandas can't give birth properly without the proper foods, so the panda population is low.
because trees are being cut down
Giant Pandas are endangered primarily from habitat loss and from the fact that they have a very low birthrate. China has put increasing pressure on their habitat in the last century from population growth and land use changes. Also, they have traditionally been poached, primarily for their fur and skin.
pandas are endanger because people hunt them for there fur to make coats, sweaters and blankets which are worth a lot of money.
There is about 3 main reasons: 1. The pandas main food source Bamboo flowers on a range from 50-100 years (depending on the type of bamboo) but when the bamboo flowers it dies out and the pandas must find another food source or make the journey up the mountain to unflowered bamboo 2. Poachers are horrible need I say more? 3. When the panda gives birth they only have 1-3 babies and the baby pandas need 24/7 attention non-stop feeding and watching so the mother can only take care of one child and the other may die :( I know these are sad that's why many people need to help the pandas i<3pandas :)
Pandas are endangered because the bamboo plants that they feed on die at once in one area and take over 20 years to repopulate the area with bamboo plants, so the pandas have to find a new area to feed.
The pandas' habitat has been destroyed over many years for fuel, agriculture and commercial logging, leaving little areas of bamboo for the pandas to live in.

Pandas are also poached in China for their skin and fur.

This is why the panda is so endangered.
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