Why are parents against teenage pregnancy?

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they're against it because they feel to "underaged kids" will be incapable of providing a good healthy environment for a newborn baby. in other words, they don't trust teens with that sort of responsibilty.
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What is Teenage Pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy can be a serious social issue. By definition it is when a single teenager becomes pregnant. Mere age is not the main challenge, since it was once not uncommon f

Why do teenagers rebel against their parents?

They rebel because they are going through puberty, and parents are still treating them like a teeny wincy baby, and teens think it is annoying. Teenagers feel the need to r

Do the lack of parenting skills within our society contribute to teenage pregnancy?

Yes, greatly because of the fact that children get their ideas on how things work in families from their parents and if neglected, they look elsewhere for affection and if tre

What do the parents of a teenage pregnancy do?

they help their child out with what they need or maybe some parents are ignorant and make their teenagers have abortions but i feel taht all babies want to live because they d

Why parents are against teenage relationship?

they are afraid that their baby is going to grow up, love someone, or get their heart broken by some hot jerk. they don't want their little girl/boy to grow up, but eventually

What is a teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is when a teenager has sex with someone nd then gets pregnant at a really young age.

Why are people against teenage pregnancy?

Generally because teenagers can't provide the best life for the child that doesn't go for everyone there are some exceptions but doesn't it just sound like the child will have
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Is teenage pregnancy the teenagers fault?

not always. Sadly,, the teenager could have been raped, and therefore have no control over her getting pregnant. The teenager may be sexually active and not have planned for
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Why are lack of parental guidance a cause of teenage pregnancy?

The lack of parental guidance is not necessarily the cause of teenage pregnancy, but teens that have an open communication with their parents or an other responsible adult in