Why are recons nocturnal?

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Nighttime recon operations allow the unit performing the operation to blend in better, allowing them to hide from any enemy personnel in the area. Most of enemy personnel will be fatigued and unable to respond as quickly to any movement if the recon team is discovered, which allows the team to either quietly take out the threat or create a distraction and escape. The majority of these nighttime operations take place deep behind enemy lines, where it could take time for friendly reinforcements to arrive.

Also, the majority of the insurgents we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan don't have night vision capabilities. However, in recent years, they have been taking them off the bodies of dead and captured soldiers. Also, several companies that make our military's night vision goggles have been investigated and prosecuted for sending shipments of these devices to groups linked to al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Chinese military, ruining our advantage.
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What is nocturnal?

Nocturnal means that they sleep in the day and go scavaging for food and water by night.

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Yes you can. You have to do something that Bungie likes. Like make a really good map and it becomes a Bungie employ's favorite map.[EDIT] Technically this is true, however, th

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What is a Nocturnal?

An animal such as an owl or bat. Animals that are nocturnal sleep during the day and would awaken at night.

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Yes you can. You have to do something that Bungie likes. Like make a really good map and it becomes a Bungie employ's favorite map.

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WHAT IS AN nocturnal?

\nnocturnal |näkˈtərnl|\nadjective\ndone, occurring, or active at night : most owls are nocturnal.\nDERIVATIVES\nnocturnally |nɑkˈtərnli| adverb\nORIGIN late

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