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Why are some iron objects magnetic and some others not magnetic?

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It all depends on the way in which the iron's 'domains' are aligned. Iron is inherently magnetic as a material, but can become demagnetized as time goes on, due to sudden impact or when affected by another magnetic source. For iron to become magnetized 'domains' need to be in parallel with each other so the magnetic field created all flows in the same direction. An unmagnetized iron source has all of its domains misaligned A brief explanation of domains are a series of positive and negative charged atomic particles within the iron itself which behaves much like tiny magnets themselves.
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Why is iron magnetic and other metals like platinum or vanadium not magnetic?

To understand this we need to understand the magnetic properties of  material. There are 3:-    Ferromagnetic.  Paramagnetic.  Diamagnetic.   Ferromagnetic substan

Why do magnets repel other magnets?

They repel when similar poles (+ or -) are placed near each other, and opposite poles will attract. The reason is that the generated magnetic fields are trying to flow in one

Why is iron magnetic?

Iron is magnetic because of polar molecular alignment.

Why are some materials magnetic and others are non-magnetic?

  Theres a certain mineral inside them(called magnelite) which causes magnetism, this is present in lava. When the magnet comes near a magnetic surface the magnelite in th

What is magnetization of iron?

the process of converting iron to a permanent magnet is called magnetization. As iron is a ferro magnetic material it is magnetized by applying strong magnetic field across i

Why some objects attracted to magnets while others are not?

Some objects are not attracted by magnets because they are not metalic. If the Magnet just attracts metalic minerals, definitely only metalic are attracted and not non-metalic

Magnetic and non-magnetic objects?

foam cup, desk ,book,person,and plates
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Why do magnets attract other magnets?

Because every magnet has a north and south pole/side. The north side of the magnet attracts the south side of the magnet. Opposites on a magnet attract one another. Where if y