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Why are some iron objects magnetic and some others not magnetic?

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It all depends on the way in which the iron's 'domains' are aligned. Iron is inherently magnetic as a material, but can become demagnetized as time goes on, due to sudden impact or when affected by another magnetic source. For iron to become magnetized 'domains' need to be in parallel with each other so the magnetic field created all flows in the same direction. An unmagnetized iron source has all of its domains misaligned A brief explanation of domains are a series of positive and negative charged atomic particles within the iron itself which behaves much like tiny magnets themselves.
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How can magnetism be induced in non-magnetic iron?

In a magnetic material that is not a magnet, magnetic domains are arranged in random fashion canceling the net magnetic field. If such a material, like an iron rod, is exposed

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Ferro magnetic materials (those attracted to magnets) have a special arrangement of their electrons which makes them susceptible to magnetic fields. Materials without this spe

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The magnetic poles of them. The North Poles pull on the South Poles, I think. No one know how these pheonomenon forces are create but they have some properties that we know of

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Every electron is a tiny electromagnet. A pair of electrons spinning in the same direction makes a stronger electromagnet. A pair of electrons spinning in opposite directions,
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Most types of Iron are magnetic, however depending on its composition and purity, there are kinds that are not magnetic. For example, Steel is mostly Iron, Carbon, and a few o

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