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Why are teenagers now getting pregnant earlier?

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Studies show that teenage girls get pregnant because peer pressure is being more active.

If ur daughter is pregnant, it is most likely because of peer pressure. Kids saying things like, "Ur a virgin ?" or "u've never slept with anyone" makes girls want to sleep with someone....not to go around and tell the world but when her friend ask her those kind of questions, she can say, no I've slept with people before.

Now, this is why she gets pregnant, she may ask her boyfriend or a close friend at school to sleep over one night, and the boy is either a virgin, is well trained and doesn't care, or is having to much fun and doesn't stop.....and ejaculates inside of her. Being a virgin, it takes her about ten seconds to realize what just happened and nine months later, she is a mother.

"""""I was a teen in that position"""""""
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If a teenager gets pregnant does that mean she will be able to marry her boyfriend?

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What are the chances of a teenager getting pregnant from unprotected sex?

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