Why are the Netherlands called the Netherlands?

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In Dutch, the language is called Nederlands (literally: Netherlandish), which derives from the name Nederland. The origin of the word Nederlands is Dutch, but not so much the usage of the name itself. Of course, nether ('low') could simply refer to the geographical characteristics of the land, both flat and down river. Then, it merely describes the geographic situation. However, it might be observed that the specification neder- today sounds German rather than Dutch, and is cognate with German nieder as opposed to ober- ('upper'). One may liken this usage to the distinction between "upper" and "lower" in other geographical designations, like Upper and Lower Austria or Upper and Lower Silesia; it has nothing to do with the fact that part of the present-day Netherlands is a low-lying area.
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Where are the Netherlands?

Answer . The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe with much of its coastline facing eastern England. Between the Netherlands and England you'll find the Northsea. The Netherlands lies to the west of Germany and to the north of Belgium. It's located at the Northwest of Europe North of Belgi (MORE)

What is the meaning of Netherlands?

Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederlandliterally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with thedefinition low and 'land' means land). The Netherlands arepartially located below sea level and that is the reason why it iscalled The Netherlands. In English and mult (MORE)

What do children call Father Christmas in the Netherlands?

Santa Claus is called "de kerstman". Though many children don't get presents from him, but from "Sinterklaas". He is a special form of Santa Claus (one of its predecessors). "Sinterklaas" his birthday is celebrated on 5 December each year.

Why are the Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg called the Low Countries?

The majority of the land of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg is below sea level, hence these countries are referred to as the 'Low Countries'. These countries are also referred to as the Benelux countries, as this is a supranational organization these three neighbors belong to. The name w (MORE)

What state was originally called new netherland?

New Netherland was comprised of more than one state. Henry Hudsonclaimed the territory for the Dutch. It encompasses parts of thestates of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland,Connecticut, and Delaware.

Religions of Netherlands?

Netherlands have distinct percentages of religions, like RomanCatholic (25%), Irreligious (50%), Muslim (5%), Dutch ReformedChurch (7%), Protestant Church in the Netherlands (7%) and otherreligions (6%).

The drained lands of the Netherlands are called?

The areas of the Netherlands that were once under water and now are land are called "polders". These are protected from being flooded with seawater by a system of dikes, canals, and windmills.. There is a saying in the Netherlands that "God made the earth, but the Dutch made the Netherlands". Many (MORE)

What is the Netherlands known for?

Probably best known for drugs. Though decreasingly so, drugs used to be relatively easily available. Additionally it is known for being very flat (no mountains), tullips (which aren't really from the Netherlands), wooden shoes, mills and prostitution.

Why is the royal Netherlands navy called royal?

Because The Netherlands is an independent monarchy - in other words it has a king or queen as it's head rather than a President. At the moment it has a queen. Go here for loads more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarchy_of_the_Netherlands The armed forces "belong" to the monacrch, even though in r (MORE)

Why are people from the Netherlands called Dutch?

In the past one of the languages used in the Netherlands was 'Duutsch' also used in Germany. For the English were in that time the Netherlands and the Germans the same so we were all called 'Dutch'. Later on it became different and the Netherlands was in that time more important to the English than (MORE)

Why do they call people from the Netherlands dutch?

Comes from the German 'duetsch'. At first the English language used Dutch to refer to any or all of the Germanic speakers on the European mainland. Gradually the meaning shifted to the Germanic people they had most contact with, the people from the Republic of the Netherlands, the Dutch.

Why is the holland called the Netherlands?

The question should be whyis The Netherlands called Holland?. North and South Holland are just two out of twelve provinces of the Netherlands.. The word Netherlands means low lying land. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg are often refered to as the Low Countries. These all once once formed pa (MORE)

Why is it The Netherlands but do we call them Dutch Why not Dutchland or Netherlands as it's people?

The Netherlands was more like a description of the country, "the lowlands" because a lot of the land is under sealevel, anyway the name stayed and became the official name of the country. I don't know why the dutch are called the dutch, because in The Netherlands we call ourselves "nederlanders" s (MORE)

Why are the Dutch called Dutch and not Netherlanders?

In the seventeenth century, people living in the low countries were called Nederduits or Nederduitsche (low German). English sailors being the excellent linguists they are got the pronunciation wrong and from "Dowtsch" heard "Dutch". The rest is history. That said, in modern Dutch, the word for (MORE)

Why do you call 'the' Netherlands?

I think you mean why you should you an article in front of the countries' name. If not, than this answer is not applicable. The complete Dutch term for their own country is "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden". Koninkrijk means kingdom, der means of and Nederlanden is word which consists of two words. Th (MORE)

Is Netherlands called holland too?

Strictly speaking, no. Holland is a region of the Netherlands, not the whole country. People often incorrectly use Holland to refer to the The Netherlands as they don't know that they are not the same.

Why are the Netherlands called low lands?

Because they are in fact really low lands. Half of the country lies under the sea level. The land is always 'fighting' with the sea, using dikes and dams. It is very important to learn how to swim when living in the Netherlands! And also because it's a very flat country. Only a few 'real' hills and (MORE)

Why did the Dutch call New York the New Netherlands?

The Dutch and other colonizing powers called their claims in the New World 'new' parts of their respective countries. For example, to one side of the Dutch colony was the 'New Sweden' settlement of the Swedish colonizers. On another side was the 'New England' settlement of the English colonizers. T (MORE)

What can you do in the Netherlands?

You can go sightseeing all around the Netherlands. I would recomend the CoBrA Museum. If you want to stay a few days and you have tons of money, you can go to the Softile the Grand hotel..

Was the Netherlands ever called holland?

yes but holland is informal, the locals call it holland Europeans often refer to the Kingdom of the Netherlands as Holland. To Dutch people, Holland is the name for just one part of the Netherlands; a low-lying province on the west coast it includes the large cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, an (MORE)

What is the international calling code to send a fax to the Netherlands from Canada?

011 = international access prefix for calls from Canada +31 = telephone country code for the Netherlands (area code) (Note: you must drop the leading 0 from the Dutch areacode) (subscriber number) # = tells the telephone switch that you've dialed the entire number (The plus sign means "insert you (MORE)

Why was new netherland called new netherland?

The official name of Netherland is "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" ("Kingdom of the Netherlands"). Dutch people call it shortly "Nederland". "Nederland" consists of two words, "Neder" and "land". "Neder" is an old word for Low. The word "land" requires no further explanation. "Netherlands" thus lite (MORE)

What is the reclaimed land in the Netherlands called?

I don't really know what 'land that was reclaimed' you mean, there are multiple areas where first was water and now is land. But if you mean "de Zuiderzee", there where first was sea and now is land (the biggest area that was reclaimed): The Dutch build a big dike (called "de Afsluitdijk"), making " (MORE)

What do the people of the Netherlands call themselves?

The people of the Netherlands call themselves: 'Nederlanders' in dutch language. In English we call ourselves: Dutch. Or sometimes we use 'Dutchmen' to refer to dutch people. The word 'Dutch' comes from the word 'Diets' which was how the Netherlands were referred to in ancient times. The Engli (MORE)

What are the Netherlands known for?

Artists, Delft pottery, flatness, windmills, wooden shoes, tullips, Anne Frank, canals, the red light district, pot, cows, bikes, Philips Electronics, Soccer, The Efteling theme park.

Where can you get food in the Netherlands?

At Thuisbezorgd.NL (www.thuisbezorgd.nl) people can order food online at restaurants. The website also offers payment options and is only available in the Netherlands. There are also sister companies present across other nations in Europe.

What religion does the Netherlands have?

The Netherlands is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe. The most people are atheïst. Currently Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion of the Netherlands. The Protestant Church of the Netherlands followed . the Dutch Reformed Church and the Reformed Churches in the Nether (MORE)

What is now called the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is the official name of our country. Foreigners often use the name Holland, which refers to the largest and richest province our country had during the Golden Age (17th century). People from other countries trading with e.g. the VOC (East-Indian trading Company) referred to the Neth (MORE)

What is Netherlands landforms?

By: Worldatlas The Netherlands is a very flat country with almost 25% of its land at, or below sea level. Low rolling hills cover some of the central area, and in the far south, the land rises into the foothills of the Ardennes Mountains. Vaalserberg, the country's highest point is located th (MORE)

Is there terrorism in the Netherlands?

Only a little bit. There isn't much terrorism in The Netherlands. Of course there are fights and some thieves who are trying to break into your house or are stealing stuff from stores, but it isn't like everywhere you go you have to be afraid of terrorism.

What celebrations are in Netherlands?

A normal, christian Dutchie Celebrates This: Sinterklaas Kerst (Christmas) Pinksteren(Pentecost) Pasen (Easter) Verjaardagen (Birthdays) Witte donderdag (Maundy Thursday) Dodenherdenking (Death Acknowledging) Koninginnedag (Dutch queens day) Bevrijdingsdag (To celebrate the day we (MORE)

Is Netherlands in France?

No, France and Netherlands both are different countries.Netherlands and France was the eighth largest trading partner in2016. I like to travel mostly to Netherlands during my vacations.

Who first explored the region that the Dutch called New Netherland?

In 1609, Henry Hudson sailed his ship the Half Moon toNewfoundland, Cape Cod, Chesapeake Bay, and finally up the HudsonRiver, in search of westward passages across North America. TheDutch established New Netherland (now New York) before losing it tothe British. However, the Italian explorer Giovanni (MORE)

What provinces are in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has 12 provinces. Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Utrecht, Flevoland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Gelderland, Overijssel and Limburg.

What New Netherland called today?

New York mainly, which then was called Nieuw Amsterdam (New Amsterdam) Other settlements of New Netherland were in what is now New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut. New York's Brooklyn comes from the New Netherland's name Breuckelen for that area.

What did the Romans call the Netherlands?

The Romans called the Netherlands, Batavia. The Romans called the Netherlands, Batavia. The Romans called the Netherlands, Batavia. The Romans called the Netherlands, Batavia. The Romans called the Netherlands, Batavia. The Romans called the Netherlands, Batavia. The Romans called the Netherla (MORE)

Why are the Netherland Belgium and Luxembourg called the Low countries?

They are called the Low Countries because their elevations are low. Many areas of the Netherlands are actually previous sea floor that was reclaimed by pumping water out using dikes. A smaller part of Belgium is similarly reclaimed territory. The highest point of Belgium is at 694 meters above seale (MORE)

What is a Netherlands citizen called?

The language of the Netherlands is Dutch. An inhabitant of The Netherlands is called a Dutchman (Nederlander in Dutch). All inhabitans of the country (as a group) are called The Dutch (Nederlanders in Dutch). The Netherlands is also refered to as Holland (although this is only the west of The (MORE)

Why was Netherland named Netherland?

'Nederland' is an archaic Dutch word for 'low country'. 'The LowCountries' is an old term for the Netherlands and part ofBelgium. . Low Countries might refer to how low the Netherlands actuallyare: more than 50% of the Netherlands are below sea-level. The namecould also refer to the countries being (MORE)

What are the natives of the Netherlands called?

The natives of the Netherlands are referred to as the Dutch, as is the language that they speak. The Dutch refer to themselves as Nederlanders, which is their name in their native tongue.