Why are the purposes for atomic bombs?

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The purposes of atomic bombs are now to ensure mutually assured destruction. So many countries have atomic bombs now that if they were to launch one they would be destroyed by someone else.
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How big were the atomic bombs that bombed Japan?

Your question could be taken one of two different ways. Are you asking about the physical size? Ten feet long, and fivefeet diameter (the largest that could fit in a B-29 bomb bay). Or are you asking about the POWER of the bombs? Equal to many TONS of TNT explosive. The largest man-made explosionup (MORE)

What was the atomic bomb?

A nuclear weapon is a weapon which derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions of either nuclear fission or the more powerful fusion. As a result, even a nuclear weapon with a relatively small yield is significantly more powerful than the largest conventional explosives, and a single weapon (MORE)

What is an atomic bomb?

An atomic bomb is any bomb which obtains its destructive energyfrom the excess binding energy of atomic nuclei . The term ismost commonly applied to bombs that release the excess bindingenergy of heavy atoms by fissioning them to form lighter atoms, butcan equally correctly be applied to bombs that (MORE)

What does an atomic bomb do?

Without going into rigorous scientific detail, an atomic bomb works by nuclear fission . That is, large atoms - namely uranium or plutonium - are split into smaller atoms in an uncontrolled chain reaction. One atom splits, neutrons from that split strike and split more atoms, which release more neu (MORE)

What is an atom bomb?

The term atom bomb (or atomic bomb ) usuallyrefers to a bomb that obtains its energy solely through the processof nuclear fission . However technically the term is considered interchangeable with nuclear bomb , and can refer to any bomb obtaining itsenergy through either nuclear fission , nucl (MORE)

What is the atom bomb?

The atom bomb is a bomb filled with uranium and/or plutonium and when dropped, explodes in mid-air to cause more damage. Anyonecaught in the explosion would incinerated instantly.

What was the purpose of the atomic bomb?

Because human beings are greedy and selfish.They want more land,oil,wealth and power.They couldn't think of any other ways to live peacefully with each other.But on the other hand,they couldn't even live peacefully with their own self,much less with others. we know what happened to the people th (MORE)

Why was the atom used in the atomic bomb?

because atom, when split become highly unstable, and in whats called nuclear fission, atoms are divided inot smaller ones, and that on a large scale is devestating.

What is atom bomb?

A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission or a combination of fission and fusion. Both reactions release vast quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter. The first fission ("atomic") bomb test released the sa (MORE)

What is in an atom bomb?

There are several types of nuclear weapons, the most common being afission bomb (atomic bomb) containing uranium and/or plutonium. Themore powerful type is a fission-fusion bomb (thermonuclear bomb)that uses the fission energy to fuse isotopes of hydrogen intohelium. Fission bombs and radioactive "d (MORE)

What is the atom bombs purpose?

The atomic bomb creates a tremendous explosion that is more powerful than regular TNT bombs and one of the by products of the atomic reaction is radiation. Atomic and hydrogen bombs create different types of damage and effects depending on where it is exploded. If it is exploded underground it has o (MORE)

What bombs were used before atomic bomb?

Before the very scientifically complex atomic bomb, other bombs are just basically tons of explosive stuff jammed into a bombshell, so it wasn't too advanced there.

Is an atomic bomb the largest bomb?

A nuclear weapon is currently the largest explosive device that a nation may use as a weapon. There are basically two different kinds, and they include the fission devices, and the fusion devices. There are a lot more fission weapons around than fusion weapons. And in the fusion weapon, because extr (MORE)

Purpose of bombing?

To destroy things easliy and quickly without head-to-head conflict. It is very effective and can devestate a city.

Atomic bombs vs regular bombs?

If what you mean is,is an atomic bomb stronger or weaker then a regular bomb then it's the atomic bomb,a regular bomb would have only damaged Hiroshima not completely killed it( the U.S also bomb Nagasaki)

What islands did America bomb with the atomic bomb?

Japan : Hiroshima & Nagasaki were the cities destroyed. I have heard also that some small Pacific islands were completelyvaporized by hydrogen bomb tests during the 1950s, including BikiniAtoll and Elugelab Atoll (the swimwear got its name after theexplosion destroyed the island). In addition, (MORE)

What bomb is more powerful then the atomic bomb?

The most powerful weapon currently being produced is the version of the "atomic bomb" that includes further stages. The thermonuclear fusion bomb (H-bomb, hydrogen bomb) can be made much more powerful by adding additional stages to it (more fission, more fusion).. The most powerful potential expl (MORE)

What was the atom bomb and what did it do?

The atom bomb is a bomb using uranium and/or plutonium as fuel and when dropped, exploded in mid-air to cause more damage than if exploded on contact with the ground. Anyone caught directly in the explosion would be incinerated instantly, others further out were killed by blast effects, or had their (MORE)

How does an atom get split in a atom bomb?

The fast neutron chain reaction triggers multiple fissions at anexponentially increasing rate. This happens so rapidly that all thefissions needed to release the energy for the explosion have splitin an interval of time on the order of 10 microseconds.

What does the atomic bomb have in it?

Pure nuclear fission weapons contain a fissile material, an explosive to compress this material (or drive one piece of material into another) to produce a critical mass and subsequent explosion. The warhead itself contains these parts. Then there are guidance and detonation components, batteries, et (MORE)

Was atom bomb made on purpose or by an accident?

The atom bomb was definitely made on purpose, and it required much effort to make it work. Splitting the atom is not the type of thing to be done accidentally. At the beginning of the 20th century, the structure of the atom was believed to be like a "miniature solar system" with negatively-charged (MORE)

Where was the atomic bomb first bombed in?

It was first dropped on people in Hiroshima, Japan, August 6th, 1945, then Nagasaki, Japan, August 9th, 1945, both by the US. However, the first test was in New Mexico (again by the US), but there the people were told that it was going to happen.

Is the atomic bomb a nuclear bomb?

Yes, both atomic and nuclear describe what mechanism causes an explosion. It is causes by atoms decaying, or the nucleus being split apart and releasing energy. . More exactly, a nuclear weapon is one which derives its power from energy released by breaking intra-nuclear bonds (i.e. the ener (MORE)

What atom is in the atomic bomb?

There are many atoms used in an atomic bomb for various purposes. . Iron and carbon, lus some others depending on preference, make up the steel casing; . silicon and oxygen atoms make up the computer hardware chips; . copper makes up the wiring in the bomb; . various type of atoms make up the ot (MORE)

Is the atom bomb a atom?

No, it is called an atom bomb because it derives its power from splitting uranium and/or plutonium atoms.

Why was the bombing of the atomic bomb important?

The Unite states of America wanted to win the war(all countries in war want to) and it showed military power and it was very frightening to see. It also made Japan surrender and USA won the war.

Why is the atomic bomb different from normal bombs?

conventional chemical bombs get their energy from the electromagnetic force of the 8 valence band electrons of the outermost S & P orbitals . nuclear bombs get their energy from the strong nuclear force that holds the nucleus of the atom together Note: both operate in accordance with E=Mc 2 (MORE)

Who did the atomic bomb?

China made the Atomic Bomb, no china did not make the atomic bomb. the united states made the abomb and it was called the mannhattan project

Are atom bombs THE most dangerous bombs?

All bombs are dangerous, but the atom bomb is certainly one of the most devastating. The only type of bomb thus far created that is more powerful than an atom bomb is a hydrogen bomb, which is the type of nuclear bomb that uses fusion instead of just fission. The Tsar Bomba, which is the single mo (MORE)

Where can you get an atomic bomb?

Access to nuclear weapons is strictly controlled. Unless you are a member of the military, you will not get one. Attempting to make one is more likely to kill you from radiation poisoning, even if you could get the raw materials.

What kind of bomb was the atom bomb?

There first ones were Uranium gun assembly fission andPlutonium implosion assembly fission types. Then came theHydrogen radiation transport driven implosion thermonuclear bomb. There are now many additional types including fusion boostedfission bombs, enhanced fallout and reducedfallout (MORE)

What was Truman's purpose in deciding to drop the atomic bomb?

To end World War Two. If he didn't drop the bombs, the Allies wouldhave then invaded Japan. It would have cost over a million or moreAmerican lives, a similar number of Japanese lives, and he had already authorized the use of chemical weapons during theinvasion if the Japanese resisted as strongly (MORE)

Which is bigger atom bomb or nuclear bomb?

Both words are technically interchangeable, so your question cannot be answered as written. Perhaps you meant which is bigger fission or fusion bomb? Define bigger: size or yield? The biggest bombs ever built in both size and yield have been fusion. But many modern fission bombs are bigger physi (MORE)

What was the difference in function and purpose between the impact fuse on the MK-III atomic bomb and the contact fuse on the MK-5 atomic bomb?

The Mk-III had radar and barometric fuzing, as it was intended tobe detonated as an air burst. However, since nuclear weapons wereso secret, the Mk-III (Fat Man) atomic bomb had four AN-219piezoelectric fuzes installed in its nose, which would destroy theweapon, and prevent any recognizable fragment (MORE)

What are in atomic bombs?

Fissile and/or fusible elements, chemical explosives to start the reaction, electronics to handle arming/disarming/firing, etc.

Did japan have atomic bombs when you bomb them?

No, they did not. They couldn't even come up with a decent RADARunit for their ships like the Allies had. They had no warplanes bigenough to carry the Atomic Bomb anywhere useful. By the time theAtomic bombs were dropped (killing 85,000 and 65,000 people each)Tokyo was 3/4 destroyed by conventional (MORE)

Which is bigger in atom bomb or nuclear bomb?

The terms atomic bomb and nuclear bomb are interchangeable as both obtain their energy from the atomic nucleus . So neither is bigger. There are two processes to get the energy for a bomb out of the atomic nucleus : . fission, the breaking up of large nuclei into smaller ones . fusion, (MORE)

Who designed the atom bomb and hydrogen bomb?

There were 2 teams that did the bulk of the development work, one at The Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton and the other at Los Alamos, NM. Thousands of scientists worked on these projects. Two names that pop forth as 'leaders' are Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller. PLZ remember that just (MORE)

Are nuclear bombs and atom bomb same?

Technically yes, as both obtain their energy from the binding energy of the atomic nucleus . There are two different types of mechanism of these bombs: . fission bombs, these bombs obtain their energy by splitting very massive atoms up into lighter atoms. These are commonly called atom bombs. (MORE)

How do you get a atomic bomb?

If you are an industrialized nation, spend about 4 years building up the specialized industrial infrastructure to extract/manufacture the required special nuclear materials. Then you can start building simple weapons. The actual design and development of the weapons is relatively simple and can be c (MORE)