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Why are there electrical currents in the brain?

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There is no electricity inside of your brain.
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What is current electricity?

Answer . \nJust as the flow of water in a river constitutes a current of water, flow of charge, i.e. charges in motion constitue an electric current.\n- The charged partic

What is current in electricity?

Current is basically, the rate of flow of charges through a conductor or wire. It is commonly denoted by the alphabet I and measured in Amperes. I = ne/t n = no of elect

What is an electrical current?

One kind of electrical current is the movement of electrons. Electric currents are flows of the electrically charged particles found naturally within all conductors. Dur

What is an electric current?

DEFINATION: - electriccurrent is defined as the time rate of change of charge passingthrough a specified area the moving charge may be positive or negative;the area may b

Does the brain have electricity?

Without electricity, your brain wouldnâ??t work. Electricity is  responsible for the nervous system sending signals to the brain,  for your brain telling your muscles to mo
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What can an electric currents do?

They can kill you.   Yes, electric currents can kill you, but only if it is very strong.  Electric current can do many things. Electric current is run  through wires mos