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Why are there two dog tags on a military dog tag chain?

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One dog tag was immediately taken from the necklace (or other part of the body) of the dead person (usually by a responsible officer)to represent proof that that specific serviceman had been killed and as positive identification of the serviceman's name, serial number, branch of service and religion -- for official records. The other tag remained at all times on or with the body of the dead serviceman so his or her identity, etc. would not be misplaced or lost. vcs CURRENT ANSWER In accordance with current policy:
Identification tags found around the neck of a casualty, and only those tags found around the neck, stay with the remains at all times. Tags found any place besides around the neck are made note of in the Record of Personal Effects of Deceased Personnel, and placed in an effects bag. They are not removed unless there is a need to temporarily inter the remains. If there is only one tag present, another is made to match the first. If the remains are unidentified, two tags marked "unidentified" are made. One identification tag is interred with the individual, the other placed on a wire ring in the sequence of the temporary cemetery plot. This enables Graves Registration personnel to make positive identification of remains during disinterment procedures; when the remains are disinterred, the tag on the wire ring is removed and placed with the matching tag around the neck.
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Why do dog tags from war have two tags?

    The American GI wore 2 identical identification tags, called dog tags. If he was killed in battle, one dog tag was kept attached to his body and the other was kep

Why the nick in the military dog tag?

  The slight cutout or "nick" is to line up and hold the dog tag for stamping purposes. A rumor that the nick was used to drive the dog tag into the teeth of the dead sold

What is the purpose of the military dog tag chain?

The purpose of the dog tag is so a solider can be ID if needed. There are 2 of the ID tags so one can be put into the mouth of the body and one taken away for further ID. In t

Uses of the dog tag chain?

None, besides serving the purpose of keeping the dog tags around the neck, or anything else needs to be worn by a member of the military. Can also hold wedding bands or crosse

Why do they call military tags dog tags?

Dogs are given metal tags to put on their neck collars to identify them and tell people who are their owners. Therefore the troops dubbed their military identification tags wo

What is that military write in dog tags?

During the Vietnam War (they might be different today) US military dog tags had: Serial Number or Social Security preceded by either US or RA stamped on them (RA for volunteer

How long is an official military dog tag chain?

Standard US military dog tags are issued with one 2.5 mm, 24-inch neck chain and one 2.5 mm, 4-inch chain. The primary dogtag is worn around the neck, while the smaller chain
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Why do they have dog tags in the military?

Dog tags are used in the military so that soldiers can identify which faction they belong to. Therefore, when infighting starts in the military, the dog tags separate faction