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Most of what we consider to be "disgusting" is actually a projection of our own prejudices and pre-conceptions. At the most basic level, nothing is inherently disgusting, plesant, frightening, fun, boring or exciting... It's all about our own perception. A more accurate question might be "Why do YOU find these people so disgusting?"
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Why are boys so disgusting?

Well, you kind of have to expect it. Girls mature faster then boys, and they are trying to fit in and be funny. So boys might not even become mature till high school or later.

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it has way to many carbs!   -the obsessed cheerleader   noooo... pie is amazing..dont be dissin my pie   -the obsessed akash

How can straight people accept gays when what they do is so disgusting?

Let us be plain about this: There are worse things in this world than people of the same sex loving each other. Many things which are disgusting have been done by straight peo

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Muslims are not dishusting, they are clean, pure and honest, they follow there religion to the full stop! everything a real Muslim does is the right thing, so the questi

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They are very, very, very jiggly. Perhaps our values are organised like a bell shaped distribution curve - so we think that the average is good and we tend to disapprove of

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Well, it smells disgusting and it looks gross and it came out of a amimal or person. So basically when you add all of those factor up it equals disgusting and yucky.