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Why are you able to see the moon during daylight hours?

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You can see the Moon in the daytime because it is big and brightly lit by the sun.
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How can we see the moon during daylight?

 The Earth rotates around it's own axis every 24 hours.   The side of the Earth which faces the Sun is considered day.    The moon roughly revolves around the Ea

Where does the moon go during daylight?

The moon does not "go" anywhere during daylight. Sometimes the moon is visible during the night time hours, sometimes during daytime, and sometimes during parts of both day an

Why are we able to see the moon during the day?

  For the same reason you can see anything during the day, The suns light is reflected of it's surface and enough of this light reaches your visual senses to make sense of

Why can you not see stars during daylight?

We cant see stars during day light because as we known that the definition of the star is that a body which do not have its own light.So,during the day the light of the sun is

What is the length of daylight on the moon in hours?

As mentioned, about two weeks in most places. However, there are believed to be some areas which are in permanent darkness as they're shadowed from the sun by mountains near
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What do moose do during the daylight hours?

Travel and eat. They may find a place to sleep for a little bit before travelling and eating again.