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Why can't you copy lyrics from websites?

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Copyright. Lyrics technically can't be distributed and printed freely. It's really inconvenient but it's the law and most lyrics sites are complying.
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The lyrics For The nights you can't remember?

  The Lyrics go like this:    I see it in the way you would do  When no one else could ever get through,  Holding back 'til I come around  Time and time again

Where are lyrics websites?

lyrics.com is good but you can also try on yahoo to find the lyrics that you want. if you were looking for something secfic you ight want to try elyrics.net it is real helpful

What do you do if you can't get on a website?

  go to the internet archive and look it up or sometimes google has the cached version of the page just check to the right of the search result and it says cached. http:

What are the lyrics to Don't Copy That Floppy?

When I hear you right, and I hear you saying That you're gonna make a copy of a game without paying? Come on, guys, I thought you'd do better don't copy that floppy! [Do

Is copying lyrics illegal?

Technically, it really is, since all songs are most likely under a copyright, and lyrics IS a part of the product. But hey, it looks like everyone's doing it, so most likely y

Can you copy lyrics to a song?

no because it is against the law to copy something. For personal use, or as a status update, you can copy the lyrics to any place you like. Some albums already come with l

How do you copy from a website?

First of all, If you are using Internet Explorer as you Internet browser, It won't let you copy anything. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to be able to copy. If you are t