Why can helium be placed in group II?

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The reason it can be placed in group II is because it has 2 electrons in its outside shell (also its only shell) and the groups represent how many electrons in the elements outside shell, the reason it is normally placed in group 8 or 0 is because the first shell has a maximum of 2 electrons and all elements that have a full outside shell are placed in group 8/0 and can't normally react.
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Why is helium placed in group 18?

Helium has a full outmost valence shell. It is a nobel gas. it doesn't react with other chemicals. because the atomic number is 2 so it has to be in group 18 as it also has no

Why is Helium placed in group 18 on the periodic table?

We all know that helium is a noble gas. It has atomic number 2 but it is placed in 18 group be because in 1st group the elements have only one electron in thier s orbital e.g.

Helium is the element of group viiiA?

Helium is one of the elements in group 18, previously known as group VIIIA. The elements residing in group 18, also called the noble gases are: neon, argon, krypton, xenon, an

Why is helium not placed in second group?

Similar to group 18 elements (or noble gases), helium is chemically inert and it has completely filled orbitals. Hence helium is place along with group 18 elements.