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Why can reality tv shows be bad?

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Because of fake lives scripted poorly and also no-talent people that can't act and have uninteresting lives anyways.
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How do you enter for reality TV shows?

I think that if my Famley was on tv it would be a number one hit cause they own 4 big jewelry stores and have a lot of rental houses and it is always drama lol so you could ju

What do you think about reality TV shows?

I think they are passtime if u have no work to do,atleast they are better than any other drama TV shows. it is not good for you it is bad it all a bunch of crap

Why are reality tv sHow is so popular with television network?

  This is a prospective awnser of course but i got a few ideas:   1. The world has become a very boring place theres not to many ideas left that havent been done alread

How do you get on the TV show on reality TV island?

On Reality TV Island, you get an application for the TV show, fill it out, and mail it in. In doing so, you meet a previous contestant, the supposedly "famous" Bucky Lucas.

Bad points of reality tv shows?

The bad points of reality TV is some of he things in it like drugs violence and drinking. Some people look at it like this is America and the type of influence it has on peopl

How do you get on reality show tv in poptropica?

go into the shop and say hi to the guy next to the dounts and get the thin he was reading and press next then write why you want to be on tv and go in the hotel and press the

What is TV reality shows?

As the name depicts TV reality show is a non fiction TV show that is not based on any scripts and dialogues. But the reality shows these days are scripted too.

What is real about reality tv shows?

Is what real or phony? All reality shows or do you have one in  mind. All have drama incorporated in some way, viewers would get  bored quickly without it. Some are more pho