Why did Adolf Hitler hate black people?

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Answer 1
Hitler did not "hate" the African race as a whole. He respected races that settled within the confines of their own countries (ex: africans in Africa, Germans in Germany, Russians in russia and so on). It was multiculturalism that Hitler despised. If an African lived on German soil, then Hitler would deport the party to their own country.

Answer 2
Adolf Hitler hated the blacks. He considered them sub-human and that's why he called them beasts. He hated homosexuals and anything else he considered unnatural under the sun. He hated gypsies because they were believed to commit incest. He hated the Jews because of his mother (his mother was very ill and she went to see a Jewish doctor and was turned away because she wasn't Jewish herself) and when he got turned away from a school he wanted to be in because he loved to draw and paint.

Answer 3
According to J. A. Rogers, Adolph Hitler declares in Mein Kampf Negroes are "half-apes." This is far from being the opinion of pre-Hitler Germany if one is to judge by the various monuments and pictures of Negroes in German museums and other public places...

...There were from 20,000 to 24,000 Africans in German from 1933-1945. Many of these Africans married German women and sired half African and half German children. They were called "Rhineland Bastards," others sired what they called "Illegitimate children," with German women, also called Rhineland Bastards. Many of these Africans sufferer the same fate as the Jews did during the Holocaust. Many African Americans serving as soldiers in world war II became POW's sufferer the same fate, as well as Africans from Senegal and other colonized French countries. So you can see brothers and sisters why I am angry as hell, everybody takes advantage of us and use us at their convenient. For more information, there is a book titled "German's Black Holocaust, by Firpo W. Carr, Ph.D.

The sterilization programs of Blacks were instituted by Germany's most senior Nazi geneticist, Doctor Eugen Fischer, who developed his racial theories in German South West Africa (now Namibia) long before World War I. In Namibia, Fischer claimed there were genetic dangers arising from race mixing between German colonists and African women.

There is photographic evidence of German genocidal tendencies in Africa. In 1904 the Herero tribe revolted against their German colonial masters in a quest to keep their land. It was a rebellion that lasted four years and led to the death of 60 000 Herero people - 80% of their population. The survivors were imprisoned in concentration camps or used as guinea pigs for medical experiments, a foretaste of things to come.

Hitler's Forgotten Victims shows that Germany's 24,000-strong black community were the number-one target for Hitler's sterilisation programme. Hitler's view on racial superiority did not develop in a vacuum. He was influenced by the work of the 19th century German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, whose views were based on distorted versions of Darwinism. He wrote of woolly-haired Negroes incapable of higher mental development.

The Nazis' obsession with racial purity and eugenics was provoked and intensified in 1918, following Germany's defeat in World War I. Under the terms of the peace treaty signed at Versailles, Germany was stripped of its African colonies and forced to submit to the occupation of the Rhineland. The deployment of African troops from the French colonies to police the territory incensed many Germans.

To many it was the final humiliation that began with their 1918 defeat in the World War I. Germans complained bitterly in newspapers and propaganda films about African soldiers from the French colonial army having relations with their women. As soon as Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland in 1936, he retaliated by targeting black people living there. At least 400 mixed-race children were forcibly sterilized in the area by the end of 1937, while 400 others disappeared into camps.

Stewart, M. Hitler & the Negro. 30 Mar. 2009 .
Hitler does not just hate black people but also anyone who is not the perfect race-(blond hair blue eyes)-Aryan race. Hitler believed that this race was the perfect human race although not having blond heir blue eyes himself...before world war 2 Hitler offered Briton to join his alliance because the British where seen as Aryan race to!
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