Why did Adolf Hitler treat Jews worse than other groups?

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Although no one knows for sure why Hitler did these things to the Jews, there are several suggestions and theories. Some of which he blamed them for Germany's loss in World War 1, they were evil, that Hitler wanted to be an artist, so he applied to an art school run by Jews but they turned him down. he was so upset by that as his ambition was to be an artist. Also his mother had breast cancer and she was treated by a Jewish doctor, and Hitler thinks he was the one to blame for his mothers death a theory could be Hitler just wanted to create a "perfect race".
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Which groups was Hitler racist against other than the Jews?

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Why did Adolf Hitler and the Jews hate each other?

Why did Jews hate Hitler? Simply put, Jews hated Hitler because he murdered 6 million of them and propagated an incredibly resilient form of Anti-Semitism. Jews hate Hitler

Who was treated worse the Jews or Slaves.?

they were both treated the way nobody or anything should be treated. it doesnt matter because it was a huge mistake and embarassing and so many innocent people died because of

Why did adolf Hitler kill Jews and other people?

because they where different and because his what Germany for German people and no one else. if you have other information people use WikiAnswers research button which is eas

What groups other than Jews did Hitler murder?

Homosexuals . Blacks . Gypsies . Jehovah's Witnesses . Disabled people (deaf, blind, etc.) . Catholics and Christians* . Poles and Slavs* *They were not "targets" h

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