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Why did Alexander the Great try to promote learning?

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he himself was taught by Aristotle
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Why did Alexander the great become a great leader?

Alexander III A.K. A. Alexander The Great became a great leader from following his fathers dreams and his. With all his strategy, after he conquered the Persian empire, he bec

Why was Alexander the great so great?

Alexander the Great spent most of his ruling years on anunprecedented m ilitary campaign through Asia and northeast Africa, and by theage of thirty he had created one of the

Why was Alexander the great a great general?

Alexander was not just an army ruler, like the others who conqueredthe countries to plunder and take away the wealth. He was abrilliant tactician, a very fair leader who mingl

What are great activities to promote leadership?

There are many excellent activities one may partake in to fortify their leadership skills, such as Birthday Line, Center Stage and Over & Out. A particular favorite many lead

What was Alexander the great not so great at?

You could argue that he was not so good at 'Staying alive' (he died aged 32 - very young given his wealth) however, he was very lucky to have lived as long as he did (if you c

What is organizational learning and how can you as manager promote it?

  Organizational learning   Organizational learning is when managers try to improve the desire, as well as the ability, to understand and manage the organization and

What does learned helplessness promote?

  * Dependency (on others)     * possible dependency on stimuli like drugs, drink, sex etc     * more helplessness     * overwhelming powerlessness

Why is Alexander known as Alexander the great?

Because he conquered a lot of major cities and towns, and was a very intelligent and accomplished man. he was also a great leader and tamed a wild horse when he was young.

Who is Alexander the Great?

Alexander III of Macedon (356-323 BC), popularly known as Alexander the Great of Macedon who created one of the largest empires in ancient history. He was king of Macedonia, w

Who was Alexander and why was he called Alexander the great?

Alexander the Great conquered and created the Greek empire, it went along side the Mediterranean Sea. When Alexander died Greece was split into 4 sections under 4 rulers. Alex

Was Alexander the Great a conscious promoter of Greek civilization or a egomaniac drunk with a lust for conquest?

He was both.  He attempted to introduce Greek culture as a civilising  influence amongst the peoples he took over, but was constantly  diverted by conquests until his early