Why did American colonist dislike the vice-admiralty courts?

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because they were basically colonists in a British jury-less court. Colonists were usually there for smuggling, and they were almost ALWAYS found guilty.
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What are vice-admiralty courts?

Vice admiralty courts were juryless courts located in British colonies that were granted jurisdiction over local legal matters related to maritime activities, such as disputes

Why did the colonist dislike the stamp act?

The colonists disliked the Stamp Act because it put taxes on a lot of articles that were important to the colonists. They felt that any taxes should be authorized by colonia

Why did the colonists dislike the Townshend Act?

The colonists disliked the Townshend act because the British taxed everything ( sugar, tea, paper, paint, lead, glass etc.). The colonists oposed paying taxes to Great Britain

Why did the colonists dislike the proclamation of 1763?

Colonists with interests in western lands objected to the Proclamation for two reasons: first, it drew a boundary beyond which no settlements were allowed, and second, it allo

Why did colonists dislike mercantilism?

because it was in favor of the British Mercantilism was the economic philosophy underlying early European colonial policy. The object of mercantilism was to increase the wealt

Why did colonists dislike the quebec act?

Colonists disliked the Quebec Act because it canceled all of thier western land claims and it threatened a lot of their religious freedom. This act was also listed as one of t

Why did the colonist dislike being taxed?

I think they just don't like wasting their money like us, right? Answer: You're right that nobody likes being taxed. But what most upset the colonists was that they didn't li

Why did the colonist dislike the ruler of Britain?

Because of his want and ambition to have the colonies live under British rule, which he and many of his leading followers took cruel advantage of. Though some people still vie