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Why did Benjamin Franklin say 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'?

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Like most people, I'm sure he said it because he believed it.
But he wasn't the first man to say it.
Henry de Bracton (English Jurist, b.1268) was.

The meaning, in brief, is that if we prevent a problem occurring in the first place, it will save a great deal more in time, effort and cost than it would in trying to repair the damage done later because we hadn't paid attention to possible problems earlier.
For example, in order to prevent or minimize the possibility of food poisoning, we take simple measures like washing our hands before meals and washing our food, if it's raw, or boiling it, if it has been long-standing lukewarm in order to kill potential bacteria, that will save a great deal more pain, time and effort than if we become ill as a result of neglecting those few simple, preventative measures.
Therefore, a little preparation to keep something from going wrong in the first place is better than having to do a lot of work to fix it once it breaks - better to prevent a problem from occurring than to fix it afterwards. Another example is that it's easier to ensure tires/tyres are properly inflated than to replace a blowout, and risk an accident, caused by low pressure.
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Why did Benjamin Franklin say ounce prevention?

Ben Franklin said that an ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure, because it is easier to prevent a disease/illness/medical problem than is it to cure it. That is

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It is an old expression trying to explain that it will be wise and of less effort or cost to prevent an accident or un-wanted happening rather than fixing it afterwards (cure)

Why an ounce prevention is worth a pound of cure?

This refers to it's easier to take steps to be healthy before an illness, than the cure necessary to get well after already becoming sick.

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If you do a little to prevent the infection, you won't need to do alot to cure it. If you wash your hands, you stop a strep throat infection. But if you don't, you could get t

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