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Why did Charles Darwin cause controversy?

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Because his views opposed the churches. The church said that god created everything as they are now. Darwin believed in evolution.
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Why did Charles Darwin go atheist?

  First of all, Charles Darwin said he was not an atheist but an agnostic.   He started out training to be a doctor, like his father; but he found the operations - in t

Who was Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin was born on 12th February 1809 in Shrubbery England. His father was Dr. Robert Waring Darwin. He had an interest in natural history at an early age. His mother

What did Charles Darwin do?

He laid the ground work for the theory of evolution, and created  Darwinism (Survival of the fittest.) (or Natural Selection)   He traveled to the Galapagos Islands, and

Why is Darwin named after Charles Darwin?

Darwin was named after naturalist Charles Darwin, because the harbour on which Darwin lies was found in 1839 by John Stokes, surveyor aboard the ship HMS Beagle - which was th

Who is Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin is considered one of the giants of modern biology, having published the first coherent theory of evolution (he is therefore known as the 'father' of the theory

Is Darwin named after Charles Darwin?

If you are referring to the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory then yes, it is. This is due to the visit paid by 'The Beagle', Charles Darwin's former ship on hi

Why did Charles Darwin do what he did?

i think he did what he did because he want to find a solution to the way all living species produce. Answer Darwin became puzzled by the diversity of life. And, especially, he

How did Charles lyell influence Charles Darwin?

The principle influence was Darwin reading Principles of Geology by Charles Lyell - he was given a copy by Robert Fitzroy (the captain of the Beagle) at the start of the Beagl