Why did Chicago rebuild after the Chicago fire?

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Perhaps because a four square mile park built on ashes and rubble in the center of the city seemed to be a poor Real Estate investment at the time. It is also an American tradition when given Lemons to make Lemonade. It was a chance to make a new start while correcting the errors of the past decades of urban planning.
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What is the history of the Great Chicago Fire?

Conditions were perfect for a fire. The land was dry. On the sameday as the Peshtago Fire in Wisconsin that burned a large amount ofWisconsin, Chicago too had a fire. Four square miles of the citywas destroyed and as many as three hundred people lost their lives.

How did the Great Chicago fire start?

No one really knows what started the fire. There are lots oflegends about how it got started. The most popular one is Mrs.O'Leary's cow kicked over the lantern and got on the hay. Mrs.O'Leary claims that she had no lantern in the barn that night.

Where is Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois is located just west of the southern tip of LakeMichigan. Also, it is located on the northeastern border ofIllinois and the northwestern corner of Indiana.

How did the great Chicago fire help modernize Chicago?

After the fire, the people of Chicago started a frantic rebuilding process. The city grew so fast that space became very limited. An architect named William Le Baron Jenney then came up with the idea to "build upwards instead of outwards". He designed the first skyscraper- the Home Insurance Build (MORE)

Who started the Chicago Fire?

No one really knows who started the fire,but i heard that mrs.ol'eary started it by lighting a lantern & a cow knocked it over.

How did the great Chicago fire happen?

The true cause of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is not known. Folklore of the time said the fire was started in the barn of Mrs. Patrick O'Leary when her cow kicked over a lantern. A reporter, Michael Ahern, first reported this, however recanted his statement about Mrs. O'Leary's cow being the caus (MORE)

How did the Chicago fire happen?

Nobody knows for sure the answer to this question. The fire began in or near a barn on DeKoven St. belonging to Mrs. Catherine O'Leary. There is a colorful legend that persists to this day, that the fire was started by a cow, belonging to Mrs. O'Leary, kicking over a lantern. While Mrs. O'Leary, an (MORE)

What hiring number is the Chicago Fire Department at?

A human resource lady told me they went through the first 1000 in '07 and are working on the next 1000 in '08 That lady is the one pulling the numners that were supposed to be a call nunber a number to identify you not your call number. Its really sad that even if through a mircale your called by (MORE)

What caused the great Chicago fire?

There was a three week drought when a barn fire started. It waswindy that night and the fire department was exhausted from a firethe day before so they were slow to respond. By the time they gotthere, it was to late. they could not control the fire.

What to do in Chicago?

Go to the Navy Pier. Or ifyour there during the summertime go to the Taste of Chicago. MILLENIUM PARK! There's also a lot of nice restuaunts. I know a Latin resturaunt called Carnivale. Good food! Swim in Lake Michigan, or you can go to the Navy Pier and take a cruise on Lake Michigan. Shedd Aquariu (MORE)

How the Chicago fire of 1871 started?

The Urban Legend blames it on a lantern being kicked over by Mrs. O'Leary's cow. That remains a mystery, but Catherine O'Leary's cow was not guilty. That was a bit of creative writing which the reporter added as good copy.

How did the fire start in Chicago?

They say that a cow kicked a lantern in a barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O'Leary on 138 DeKoven Street on October 8, 1871 around 9:00 p.m.

Where did the great Chicago fire happen?

The great fire of Chicago started at about 9 p.m. on Sunday, October 8 and burned from Sunday, October 8, to early Tuesday, October 10, 1871. The fire started in the barn of of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Catherine O'Leary. It has always been believed that her cow kicked over a lantern, but that has (MORE)

Why was Tom Joyner fired in Chicago?

Tom Joyner back on the air in Chicago? A Chicago Radio News Site is reporting that Tom Joyner will soon be heard on V103's competitor, Soul 106.3. http://www.chitownradio.com/messages/4907.html I had a 30 and over club card that was stolen with my purse. How do I go about getting another? Thank You (MORE)

What are facts about the great Chicago fire?

The Great Chicago Fire was a conflagaration that burned SundayOctober 10, 1871. It killed hundreds and destroyed about foursquare mile in Chicago,Illinois. On the Municipal Flag of theChicago, the second star commemorates the fire. People proclaimedthat a cow that started the fire. But that isn't to (MORE)

What is the song about the Chicago fire called?

There are a couple of songs about it. The popular children's version... . Late one night, when we were all in bed, Old Mother Leary left a lantern in the shed; And when the cow kicked it over, she winked her eye and said, "There'll be a hot time in the old town, tonight." . ...is a parody of (MORE)

What was the fire Chicago fire?

It was the biggest fire in the history of Chicago history. The same day was the Peshtigo Fire, which that is in Wisconsin.

What can you do in Chicago?

Visit the Willis (formerly the Sears) tower, or the John Hancock building. Go to Milenium Park. Shop at one of the many many wonderful places to shop. Go to a sporting event such as: the Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, or Bears. Go to a concert.

How could the Chicago fire be prevented?

more people could have embraced the fire by keeping old fire grenade's with you used to put out fires you would take it and throw it at the fire and the mix of chemicals would have put the fire out instantly that is what they had used before they had made fire extinguisher

Why was the Chicago fire so great?

So great because so many people became homeless, or even died. Thefire got big quickly because the buildings were made of wood, so itwas way more flammable. But the greatest part was that Chicago was rebuilt into a worldclass city. It became home to the skyscraper and a beautifulwaterfront.

Who lit Chicago on fire?

The origin of the 1871 Chicago Fire remains unknoown even today. The traditional answer is that Catherine O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern, but that was only a reporter's yarn that lacks credibility.

What to do Chicago?

Here are some things to do in Chicago . Go to water tower place and Michigan Ave. . Go to Navy Pier . Go to the sears tower . Go to a play (Wicked, Mary Poppins, etc.) . Have tons of food!!!!

How did the Chicago fire affect the city?

The Chicago fire killed 300 people and left 100,000 homeless. Theruins were built over. A building boom began. The city plannerscame up with building codes to make the city safer. Buildings ofbrick and stone replaced the wood. Skyscrapers were built. And in20 years the city was ready to show the wor (MORE)