Why did Chuck Knoblauch leave the New York Yankees?

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Chuck Knoblauch became a free agent after the 2001 season and the Yankees decided not to sign him. His performance continued to decline after the 1999 season. His last year with the Yankees he was moved from Second Base (where he continued to have throwing problems)to Left Field. While he showed great progress in this area, his bat coninued to slow, he was plagued with minor injuries and towards the end of the season was platooned at Left Field with David Justice and others. In 2002 he signed with the Kansas City Royals. Assigned to Left Field, he was again plagued with injuries. As far as I know, he retired after his one year with the Royals. Answer When you are a second baseman who cannot throw to first, you become an expendable piece of a puzzle. In other words he stunk up the joint!
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