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Why did Ernest Rutherford use gold foil?

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It is because gold is soft and most malleable metal and can be made into very thin sheets.
Rutherford experiment consisted of bombardment of Alpha particles at the sheet of any substance.So, he wanted a sheet as thin as possible and gold foil was the most suitable choice for it. :):):) hope this helps
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The kind of particle Rutherford used to shoot through gold foil?

Rutherford shot high-energy alpha particles (two protons and two neutrons, or a helium nucleus) at the gold foil. A small fraction of these alpha particles bounced back, and t

What component of the atom did Rutherford identify in his gold foil experiment?

Through his gold foil experiment, Rutherford identified the nucleus  and believed it to be compact but containing the majority of the  atom's mass, and the electron cloud. H

Why gold foil is used in Rutherford experiment?

1. It is used because gold was known to be a very inert element.  2. The use of gold had nothing to do with its reactivity, any more than the experiment had any connection to

How did ernest Rutherford interpret the gold foil experiment?

Before Ernest Rutherford's landmark experiment with a few pieces of metal foil and alpha particles, the structure of the atom was thought to correspond with the plum pudding m

What is the Rutherford gold foil experiment?

In 1911, Ernest Rutherford conducted an experiment that proved that the mass of an atom is concentrated in the center (nucleus) of an atom. It also proved that an atom is most

How would this experiment change if Rutherford had used aluminum foil instead of gold foil?

The scattering angles would have changed, but the qualitative results would also change: the reason Rutherford chose gold was because it is EXTREMELY malleable. One can stretc

In what year did Rutherford do the gold foil experiment?

The Geiger-Marsden experiment, which is also called the gold foil experiment or the Rutherford experiment, was conducted by Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden in 1909, under Earne

Suppose Rutherford had bombarded aluminum foil with alpha particles instead of the gold foil he used in his experiment What observations do you predict Rutherford would have made?

What Rutherford would have done was figure out the particles in the aluminum foil then take the alpha particles and mix them together. I think he would observe the protons, ne

Who is Rutherford and the gold foil experiment?

Rutherford was a scientist who shot alpha particles through a very thin sheet of gold foil. The results of this experiment are the following: -Almost all alpha particles passe