Why did George Washington become a surveyor?

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He was a second son and wouldn't inherit from his father so he needed a profession. His father had him apprentice to a surveyor.
His father chose him for the apprenticeship. At this time a young man was not considered an adult until 21 years old so father's made decisions concerning the future of their children. Girls were married, the first born son inherited everything from the parents, and the second son was placed in a trade or apprenticeship. This is what happened to Washington. Surveyor was an honorable profession in the 1700's and his father was far sighted enough to figure out they were going to be needed. Washington avoided becoming a surveyor by becoming a British Officer in the French and Indian War. Which in turn, taught him skills that would be needed for the fight to come.
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Yes, he practiced this trade on the various Fairfax and Washington properties. this does not, however, make him an Engineer, like Colonel John Stevens, generally considered th

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He was trained in the occupation after being denied permission tojoin the British Navy by his mother. Land surveyors were relativelyimportant at the time, as colonial settleme

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As an infant, George Washington was baptised as a member of the Anglican Church (Church of England) and attended church services with his family. Washington never got confirm
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by becoming the general of the Continental army or the American militia in the revolutionary war he asked the leaders of the committee of correspondence to allow him to become