Why did German money became worthless?

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Between World War I and World War II, Germany suffered "hyperinflation," whereby its currency essentially became worthless. The causes of this are numerous and complex, but most economics to ascribe the currency crisis to the financial strain of war reparations under the Versailles Treaty, which prevented the country from reinvesting in its industry and agriculture so that it could recover from the devastation of World War I.
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How much money did the Germans owe?

After World War 1, the Treaty of Versailles held Germanyresponsible for a debt of 132 billion gold marks. This isapproximately equal to $33 billion in U.S. currency.

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How much is your German money worth?

The value of the Euro fluctuates day by day, there are many exchange rate converters available on the web, which will show the actual value of the currency.

Name of German money in 1930?

After the Great Inflation ended in November 1923 the new German currency was briefly called the Rentenmark, then from 1925-1948 the Reichsmark.

What was the name of German money in 1700s?

At that time Germany consisted of over 300 separate states, and at least 50 states issued their own coinage. On the larger coins all currencies had to state their value in relation to the Cologne Mark . This was a carefully preserved lump of silver weighing 533.2 grammes. (The German states had the (MORE)

What does German money look like?

The Euro is used in Germany. The paper bills are colored with pictures of famous Europeans. The coins have the Euro symbol on one side and a famous national landmark on the other side.

German money that has the symbol DM?

Answer : DM = German DeutscheMark Extra Info : The DeutscheMark was the primary currency of Germany up until December 31st, 1998, upon which it was replaced by the Euro. Right now, it is obsolete (unusable, though still tradeable). Exchange Rate : 1 DeutscheMark to 76 US cents. 1 Deutsc (MORE)

How do the Germans make money?

The German labor force is broken up into these three major categories: services (63.8%), industry (33.4%), agriculture (2.8%) (as of 2006) The three main categories for services are as follows: financial, renting, and business activities (30.5%); trade, hotels and restaurants, and transport (18%) (MORE)

Why did the German people burn their money?

This happened after WWI (think Great Depression), when inflation caused German currency to be practically worthless. It was worth so little that they burned it when they needed to start a fire. There are stories of people filling wheelbarrows with paper money to try to buy bread.

What is a mark in german money?

The Deutsche Mark , was the official currency of Germany from 1948 to 2001. Since 2002 Germany has used the Euro (€).

What is the value of German money in the US?

The currency used in Germany is the Euro. As of March 20th, 09 the exchange rate is 1.356 US dollars to a euro. The current rate can be found by searching "euros to usd" in google.

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Name of German money in 1861?

Before 1871 Germany consisted of about 35-40 practically sovereign states, most of which issued their own currency. There was no single national currency till 1874.. Most of North German states including Prussia, Saxony and Hanover used the Thaler, while most of the South German states and Austria (MORE)

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Why did money in Europe become worthless after World War 1?

It was more the economy of Germany that became worthless. After loosing the war, Germany was forced to pay reparations, under the Treaty of Versailles. The total money owed was 269,000,000,000 in gold marks (German currency). That much in gold coins equaled about 233,405,018 lbs of pure gold. In (MORE)

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When did the germans find out about money?

The Germanic people used money to trade with other tribes. It was in the form of gold or jewelry. Actual coins did not come about until they began to deal with Roman society.

Why did the Romans money become worthless?

Roman coins were made of silver, but when there was a need for more money and not enough silver, Rome reduced the amount of silver in its coins thus allowing them to make more coins. Coins made of silver and gold must also contain an alloy that makes them more durable. Rome eventually reduced the am (MORE)

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What is the German money in 1835?

In Germany , the name Groschen (both singular andplural) replaced "Schilling" as the common name for a 12 Pfennig coin. In the 18th Century it was usedpredominantly in the northern states as a coin worth 1/24 of a Reichsthaler (equal to 1/32 of a Conventionsthaler ). In the 19thcentury, beginni (MORE)

Why did Rome's money finally become worthless?

Roman money finally became worthless because when Rome stopped conquering new lands, no new sources of wealth were available. Food was scarce. Making food prices go up. To pay for the food, the government decided to produce more money in the form of coins. The value of depended on the amount of silv (MORE)

How did Namibia became a German colony in 1884?

German armed forces helped to colonize Namibia in 1884 in order to counter balance the sphere of influence the British Empire had world wide and in Africa. It was formally called South West Africa.

What is money in German y?

I don't know exactly what you are asking. "Geld" means "money" inthe German language. The unit of currency now in use in Germany isthe Euro; before the Euro, it was the Deutsche Mark.

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What contributed to the German mark becoming worthless?

It's complicated, so let's simplify this a bit. During World War I, Germany chose to pay for their efforts bytaking out massive loans, rather than raise taxes like othercountries. They expected to win the war- and when they won the war,they planned to conquer valuable industrial lands and colonies (MORE)