Why did Germany not invade Switzerland in World War 2?

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Switzerland was indeed on Hitler's To-Do list but the geographical layout of the land (namely the Alps) between Germany and Switzerland, plus the tremendous number of Swiss soldiers positioned there, made it almost impossible for Hitler to launch a successful invasion.
During the war, it was reported that several axis AND allied planes were shot down when entering Swiss airspace, to maintain a neutral stance and appease both sides, to ultimately avoid further conflict.
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What European countries did Germany not invade in World War 2?

Countries Germany Didn't Invade The neutral countries: Ireland (offical Name of the state still to this day), Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. The micro states were not invaded: Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, the Vatican. Britain, as this does not include the Channel Islands. Many of Germ (MORE)

Why did Germany not invade Sweden in World War 2?

During the invasion of Scandinavia, Sweden remained neutral; but, because much of their income was generated by exporting iron, they continued to sell it to Nazi Germany. Sweden would not help Finland fight off the Soviet attack, but 8,000 Swedes volunteered for the Finnish army, to bolster the Swed (MORE)

Which countries did Germany invade during World War 2?

Invaded these countries in Europe :- . Poland, Russia, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, France, . Luxembourg, Yugoslavia and Channel Islands.. and these in North Africa :- Libya, Egypt German armies invaded firstly Poland and then later years Belgium, Luxembourg, and n (MORE)

Did germany invade Sweden in World War 2?

Answer . No. Both sides found it useful to have a few neutral countries. Sweden acted as a 'clearing house' for mail and parcels between Britain and the Continent. It took ages and the cost of postage was extremely high, but though the system creaked, it worked. Germany needed Sweden's iron ore, (MORE)

When did Germany invade Poland in World War 2?

On September 1st 1939, the German Nazi army invaded Poland, in order to Eradicate the European Jews that lived in Poland. The Nazi's also invaded other nearby countries to exterminate the Jews, like France. Germany invaded Poland on September 1 1939 at 4:45 a.m. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded (MORE)

What countries did Germany invade before World War 2?

Czechoslovakia was invaded in two steps. Austria was annexed 1938 with public consent. When invasion of Poland started, UK and France declared war on Germany 3/9 1939 , and WWII was officially begun as a multilateral war. Also Soviet Union helped to invade Poland in sept 1939. Not generally kn (MORE)

How many countries were invaded by germany in world war 2?

25 Austria, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, soviet union, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Greece, Channel Islands, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Britain and Italy.

Why did Germany not invade Britain during World War 2?

They had failed to achieve air supremacy during the Battle of Britain and an invasion fleet would have been in great jeoporady, in fact, the Second World War might have been lost completely by Germany in an invasion attempt. Great Britain was too well prepared and experienced, don't forget the Brit (MORE)

Why did Germany invade Norway during World War 2?

The Germans invaded Norway in WW2 to prevent the British from doing so. The British did land at Narvik in the north, but were unable to defend against the Germans & were made to withdraw. The occupation of Norway secured the supply of Swedish Iron Ore to the Germans. A railway line from the iron ore (MORE)

Did Germany invade Finland during World War 2?

During World War II, Germany did not invade Finland. As practicalallies for much of the war, the two nations nevertheless foughtagainst each other in 1944 and 1945 -- mostly in minor skirmishesin the far north area of Finland. This conflict arose after Finlandhad signed a separate peace with the Sov (MORE)

In World War 2 why did Germany invade Austria?

The annexation of Austria took place in March 1938 - in other words before World War 2. It was immensely popular in Austria at the time. Ever since the collapse of the Habsburg empire in 1918, many Austrians felt that their future lay with Germany. Many Germans regarded Austria as German, but the pe (MORE)

Why did Germany not invade Malta during World War 2?

cuz no one likes malta. Answer. Good question. Germany and Italy bombed Malta quite extensively. I'm not sure if the Germans had the landing craft and support fleet that could carry out an invasion and support the troops there. The German Navy was having a difficult time supplying the Desert Afric (MORE)

Why did Germany not invade America in World War 2?

Germany was NOT able to cross the English Channel to invade Great Britain. It's so narrow, engineers have recently built an underwater bridge under it, for automobiles to drive back and forth between England and mainland Europe.. Germany certainly did NOT have the capability to cross a wider body o (MORE)

When did Germany invade Paris in World War 2?

June, 1940 Germany never invaded Paris, rather Paris was occupied after the French government abandoned Paris for Tours. It was declared an open city on the 13th, German troops entered it on 14th June 1940. Paris was however bombed on 3rd June, this undoubtedly contributing to the French decision to (MORE)

Why was Russia invaded by Germany in world war 2?

Germany invaded Russia to achieve the oil Rich regions along the Caspian Sea. Germany late in the war was finding logistical problems to be quite a nuasance. How can you field an army if they have no equipment. In order to get the oil reserves he needed, Germany's were quickly dwindling, Hitler deci (MORE)

Did Germany invade Britain during World War 2?

The Germans attacked Britain during WW2 but they never invaded it. Another View: The United Kingdom, consisting of the Island of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northen Ireland, does not appear to have been invaded, in the sense of a force such as the D Day invasion, by the Allies, of France at the b (MORE)

Why did Germany invade Egypt in world war 2?

Originally Hitler sent his forces to North Africa to bail out his friend Mussolini, who had become bogged down in that region. Germany's real war was against Russia (Soviet Union); North Africa was a "side-show" for them. Hitler had about 75% of his military might tied up against the Russians (Sov (MORE)

Why was Switzerland not invaded in World War 2?

A lot of people think they know why... but to be honest, there's no answer - nobody really knows why (especially as Germany intended to do so). Switzerland was told to stay neutral and defend the own territory in 1815. Before this date a lot of clashes (i.e. France against Russia) had been fought in (MORE)

What was the reason Germany invaded Poland in World War 2?

Hitler invaded Poland as his first step towards world domination. Keep in mind that Hitler was insane and able to influence people to do what they normally would not do. He made his way - very easily - through Holland and Belgium and on to France. England declared war against Germany in 1938, shortl (MORE)

What country was invaded by Germany in World War 2?

In europe: Poland, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Finnland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, and some islands in Britain. In Africa : Morroco( I dont think they invaded but they were down there a couple of times to talk with the Vichy French people) Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Greece. The Italians d (MORE)

Why did Germany invade Paris in World War 2?

Germany and France had a long-running dispute over which country owned the province of Alsace-Lorraine. They fought three wars about this, which were, the Franco-Prussian War, WW I, and WW II. Alsace-Lorraine remains part of France, and now that France and Germany are both part of the European Union (MORE)

When did Germany invade Dunkirk in world war 2?

Battle of Dunkirk From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Battle of Dunkirk was a battle in the Second World War between the Allies and Germany. A part of the Battle of France on the Western Front, the Battle of Dunkirk was the defence and evacuation of British and allied forces in Europe fro (MORE)

World war 2 began when Germany invaded what country?

Germany started World War II by invading Poland Germany first invaded Poland, as an act they stated was just to get back some of the land they had lost in World War I. As many of you may know, not many countries apart from Germany were hungry for war, so they let it pass, thinking it was the last (MORE)

Did Germany invade Switzerland in World War 2?

A number of European countries declared neutrality in the years before 1939. While this did not save the low countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), both Sweden and Switzerland were preserved as independent countries despite being hemmed in on all sides by pro-Axis countries. Both countries (a (MORE)

When did the us first invade Germany in World War 2?

The US did not exactly invade Germany. Maybe you are referring to when the Allies invaded France which the Germans had occupied. Some say the US first crossed the German border at the Remagen Bridge. However, earlier, the 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, a unit of the 5th Armored Division, (MORE)

Why did Germany invade Denmark and Norway in World War 2?

Denmark: The invasion of Denmark would create a staging area for operations in Norway. Furthermore, having control of Denmark would secure the Baltic Sea for Germany and the Soviet Union (Germany had an alliance with the Soviet Union). Plus, Denmark was a Nordic country and was meant to show the ben (MORE)

Why did Germany invade western Europe in World War 2?

Hitler had a dream that his Aryan Germans would take over all of Europe, establishing the Third Reich (Third great German empire). He also used the term "lebensraum" to describe the need for more living space for his German people. Attacking Western Europe was motivated by both of these goals.

Why did Germany not invade Spain during World War 2?

Spain was neutral, and far away enough that it was not seen as a military objective crucial to the war; other places had far higher priority such as Britain, north Africa and Russia. Spain was also at that time under the control of a fascist government that was sympathetic to German war aims.

Why was Switzerland not invaded during world war 2?

There are several reasons Switzerland was safe from Nazi invasion: - The Germans considered them a valuable ally, even as an officially neutral country - The Germans were able to use Switzerland and its banks as a safe haven for their money. - Germany needed the industrial capacity of Switzer (MORE)

Who were invaded by germany in World War 2?

Austria, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, soviet union, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Greece, Channel Islands, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Britain and Italy.

Which countries were invaded by germany in world war 2?

Many countries were invaded by Germany. Before the full outbreak of war, the German army moved into Austria and the Sudeten region of the Czech republic. The full-scale war erupted when Germany invaded Poland. . Germany would later invade Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France (MORE)

Was Germany invaded by the allies in World War 2?

Yes the Soviet Union invaded the eastern part of Germany and took Berlin. The US, British commonwealth and French troops invaded from west and occupied the whole of the country, divided in 4 zones under these authorities. In the British military, there were soldiers both from many commonwealth c (MORE)

Why did Germany invade France at the beginning of world war 2?

Germany's goal was to control all of Europe. At the beginning of the war, it was only at war with France and Britain, as well as Poland, but that country was quickly defeated. To further its goal, Germany invaded France first because an invasion of Britain would take more planning and it would be su (MORE)

Why didn't Germany invade Sweden and Switzerland in World War 2?

first answer: Because the Germans new that they couldn't defeat Switzerland because Switzerland has a very good army like Sweden. (No offense to any country or person or thing or continent.) correct answer: Both Switzerland & Sweden were neutral, but more importantly they were pro-German and ass (MORE)

Who all did Germany invade during World War 2?

Germany invaded Poland, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, France, Russia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Tunisia, and Libya. It occupied the Rhineland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia before hostilities began, and Italy after Italy surrendered to the allies.

Why did Germany invade other countries in world war 2?

Many reasons. A few of the bigger ones where to reclaim territorythey lost at the end of WW1 and to secure natural resources Germanylacked like oil. Another one was ideology, Hitler believed his waywas the only way and he had to destroy Communism and other ideologyhe deemed unfit.