Why did Hitler target the Jews and other minorities?

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It is hard to convince people that the failures of any given society are a reflection of their failures as a collective. It is much easier to fault minorities and other groups for being a "thorn" in the side of the proper and correct people. Additionally, Hitler targeted many of his political rivals to avoid having to fight for reelection.
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Why did Hitler target the jews for persecution?

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The Jews weren't Hitler's only victims. He also killed real and imaginary communists and other political opponents, members of resistance groups, homosexuals, dissenting Chris

Why did Adolf Hitler target the Jews?

Answer 1 Hitler was racist towards Jews and other minorities. He focused theresentment of the German people toward those of different cultures,in order to achieve power. Some

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Hitler target the Jews for elimination since he believed that theywere responsible for most of the events in the world that affectedhis country. This was also a way of showing

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Hitler's target was the spread of hatred unbeknownst to him. He is a warning to all of a time and a judgment close at hand. If the Jews, truly knowing God, were to love as God

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Hitler first targeted the Jews in 1933 when he becomes Chancellor of Germany. When he promoted himself to fuhrer of Germany after the previous fuhrers death in 1934, he began

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Nothing forced Hitler to make the decisions that he did or feel theway that he did. Hitler was very aware and cognizant of everythinghe said and everything he did. He was an i

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The only other group that was targeted for destruction were various types of Gypsy, this decision was made very late on, though they had to suffer many simiilar ordeals to the