Why did Lauren lee smith leave csi?

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Lauren Lee Smith left CSI because her character was written out of the show. She portrayed crime scene investigator, Riley Adams.

Why did Lauren Holly leave NCIS?

It was kind of a medley of reasons, one being that Lauren Hollywanted to go after different roles, and try more movies as well.Also, Jenny Sheppard had a degenerative genetic disease, as ishinted in several episodes. The character was not going to last toolong anyway, and the producers/directors wan (MORE)

Why is Lauren Holly leaving NCIS?

She didn't understand the hardships of being on a full time t.v. show. she wanted to have enough time to raise her kids.. The above answer is the reason that Sasha Alexander (agent Kate Todd) left the show. Lauren Holly has already worked on several series so she certainly knew the hardships of bei (MORE)

Is William Peterson leaving CSI?

he left to do more stage work. of course in the real world of detectives his character would be close enough for retirement anyways. the same can't be said for the Sarah character. most people in law enforcement stay until retirement. but of course some don't do to the extreme stress of law enforcem (MORE)

Why did Gil Grissom leave CSI?

Answer: . Because he wants to go to Sarah. Reply: . But... I luff him. Wh did he haff ta leave? D: Reply: . Awww i luv him too. he'll be back for special episodes Reply: The new guy is really good!!! On his fist episode the made him cut off the bottom half of his tie because it touched a dead (MORE)

Why did kim delaney leave CSI Miami?

There was some speculation over it being a lack of chemistry between David Caruso and her. It may of been because she just wanted to move on though.

Lauren Crace is she leaving eastenders?

I know im supposed to tell you if Lauren is leaving or not but I Dont know! If they kill Danielle or Ronnie off i will NEVER watch eastenders again becoz we have waited aaagggeeesss for Ronnie to find out her secret daughter is Danielle - n then they may just kill one of them off! Its stupid.....Don (MORE)

Why did Lauren crace have to leave eastenders?

the producer said it would be boring to keep her on as nothing would happen so they wanted to give Ronnie what she wanted for a couple of seconds and then snatch it away from her again

Is Adam Rodriguez leaving CSI Miami?

no According to CBS, Adam is only contracted for seven episodes this season. Calleigh will have to testify against Eric, and he may lose his position in the Crime Lab. i thought they said that he was only leaving because he had something to do on the show "Ugly Betty", but then he was going to come (MORE)

Why did Lauren conrad leave the hills?

The reasonwhy Lauren Conrad left the Hills is because she had her own careerincluding her own makeup line, and did not have time for the Hillsanymore.

Why did Emmanuelle Vaugier leave csi ny?

According to an interview with Emmanuelle Vaugier... "They're just cutting back to save some money. Also, it makes sense for ratings to kill off a character that people have grown to like. It wasn't personal. They wouldn't have kept me for three years if they didn't like me." http://eddie-cahill.ne (MORE)

Why did Eric leave CSI Miami?

he was not fired he came back a few months later after he got shot in the head then he left again because of personnal probelms then he came back in the episode all fall down cause the fans saved him on save eric delko.

Are kate smith and Lauren hart related?

No, they aren't family. After gene hart died (longtime flyers broadcaster) they let Lauren hart (his daughter) sing the national anthem and now she normally sings that as well as god bless America along with Kate smith

Why did sara leave CSI?

she became to overwhelmed and stressed. And just couldn't cope. Also grissom had just proposed to her and it was against the regulations for them to be together so one of them had to go, so she left.

Why did Eric Delko leave the CSI Miami team?

Because he was involved on a crime scene which he was taking illegal drugs. He admitted to Horatio that he stole the marijuana. Because of that, he was fired by the team leader, Horatio Caine.

Why did the character Jesse leave CSI Miami?

He was killed in the episode We all fall down. This one person put gas that makes it hard to breath in the lab and everyone was there but Eric Delko and H Cane. Everyone was revived but Jesse because he was too close to the air vent which is where the gas came in. That's what happend in the episode (MORE)

Is Lee Child related to Lauren Child?

They are all English authors but I don't think they are related. Lauren Child is a real name (I suppose) while Lee Child is a pen name of Jim Grant.

CSI Where does Sarah go when she leaves?

Sarah went to heaven if you did not watch the episode were sarah was in nina's dream she said good bye and left the truty said nina had a phone call from the center and they told her that sarah died amd nina had to go over and pick up some of sarah's things sarah wanted to give something to nina bef (MORE)

Is mack leaving CSI NY?

No, Mac is not leaving CSI:NY. The new season is set to premiere on September 23rd at 9 on CBS.

Did Mac Taylor leave CSI NY?

No but melina kanakareds did not return for season 7 or season 8 she wanted to spend more time with her family

What is Lauren Lee Smith known for?

Lauren Lee Smith is most known for being a Canadian actress. She stared in movies like Lie With Me, The Last Kiss, An American Carol, Helen, and Art School Confidential.

What movie and television projects has Lauren Lee Denham been in?

Lauren Lee Denham has: Played Corin Todd in "Criminal Minds" in 2005. Played Clara in "90210" in 2008. Played Bride in "1000 Ways to Die" in 2008. Played Mormon Girl in "The Cynical Life of Harper Hall" in 2011. Played Mary in "See the Girls Dance" in 2011. Played Cassidy in "Black and Shiny Things" (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Lauren Lee Embry been in?

Lauren Lee Embry has: Played Young Bride in "1000 Ways to Die" in 2008. Played Assistant in "Zeke Metzker" in 2010. Played Pretty Girl in "Hollywood Is Like High School with Money" in 2010. Played Berkley in "The Cynical Life of Harper Hall" in 2011. Played Mary in "See the Girls Dance" in 2011. Pla (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Lauren Lee Smith been in?

Lauren Lee Smith has: Played herself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Performed in "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" in 1997. Played Michelle Lambert in "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" in 1997. Performed in "Homewood P.I." in 2000. Played Riley Adams in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" in 2000. P (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Lisa Lauren Smith been in?

Lisa Lauren Smith has: Played Kori Campbell in "Detroit 1-8-7" in 2010. Played Landlord in "Street Kings 2: Motor City" in 2011. Played Protester in "The Citizen" in 2012. Played Officer Reyes in "Family Weekend" in 2013. Played Jupiter in "Juvies" in 2014.

What has the author Lee Smith written?

Lee Smith has written: 'News of the spirit' -- subject(s): Fiction, Social life and customs 'Mrs. Darcy and the blue-eyed stranger' 'Fancy strut' -- subject(s): American Women authors, Fiction 'The last girls' -- subject(s): Fiction, Southern States in fiction, Women college graduates, Class (MORE)