Why did Lil Wayne kiss birdman?

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lil wayne and birdman are really close, almost like father and son. lil wayne said that the kiss was not a sexual kiss , but it was more like a family love kiss. he said it as known as the "mafia" kiss.
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Is birdman Lil Waynes father?

yes Birdman is Lil' Wayne's father. Lil Wayne's dad was killed and Wayne hung around Baby. Baby took Wayne under his wing adopted and bought him into the rap game. Baby is a father to Wayne so Wayne call him his Daddy. Baby has two young named Brian and Bria. Hopes this answers your question.

Who is Lil Wayne?

"Lil Wayne" (born September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, LA) is a US rap artist and producer whose birth name is Dwayne Carter Jr. He has many nicknames including: Weezy, F Baby, Young Carter, Young Money, Birdman Jr, and Young Mula. His father figure is Bryan Williams, the rap artist known as "Birdm (MORE)

Is Birdman Lil Wayne's dad?

No, Lil' Wayne isn't Birdman's kid. At age eleven, he met Bryan Williams, aka Birdman, rapper and owner of Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne recorded freestyle raps on Williams' answering machine; Williams would eventually mentor the young Carter and include him in Cash Money-distributed songs. Dwayne M (MORE)

Is Birdman Lil Wayne's father?

Yes, but actually his adopted one. His biological father died when he was very young. Answer Birdman is LiL Wayne's adopted dad his dad got shot when he was 2 or 10 so birdman took as his son

Is birdman Lil Waynes daddy?

No, lil waynes real dad abandonned his mom when he found out she was pregnant, Birdman came into lil waynes life at around age 6/7 and they consider each other as father and son.

Is birdman really lil Waynes dad?

No. Birdman is not Lil Wayne's real father. Birdman was working at Cash Money Productions where Lil Wayne went to get his records produced. Lil Wayne and Birdman had just connected in a very close type of way. Lil Wayne influenced Birdman to start rapping so, he started. Lil Wayne does not like his (MORE)

Did Lil Wayne kiss birdman?

Yes, it's not because he is gay, or bi. It's what they call "Gang love" You show love to you're family and that's how they do show love. Adding to it Lil Wayne is the son of Birdman, and the two were father and son sharing love.And he has a son that proves that he loves women and he raps about women (MORE)

Did Lil Wayne kiss birdman on the lips?

Yes he did. They claim it is an expression of their father-son love. Birdman admitted to it on a show and the very real pictures can be found all over the web. on google

Is Lil Wayne's father the birdman?

No, Birdman is not Lil Wayne's biological father. The two men arevery close friends. Birdman is co founder of Lil Wayne's recordcompany.

Did birdman adopt Lil Wayne?

Yes, Baby aka Birdman officially adopted lil Wayne. lil waynes father was never in his life his father never died he divorced his mom when Wayne was only 2 and birdman didnt actually introduce Wayne to the rap game, he joined cash money records at the age of nine

Is Birdman Lil' Wayne's Father?

Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. to Jacida "Cita"Carter and Dwayne Michael Turner on September 27, 1982. He refers to "Birdman" Bryan Williams as a father figure.

Who is birdman to Lil Wayne?

Birdman is the Owner and Producer of Cash Money Records. That's who Lil Wayne Signed with when he first went solo. They did so good together, Lil Wayne began getting called Birdman Jr. After a couple Years, Lil Wayne started the rap group Young Money. This is like a second record label under Cash Mo (MORE)

Is Birdman Lil Wayne?

No but birdman raised him at the age 14 and he likes to refer to himself as birdman jr

Is Birdman the real Father of Lil Wayne?

No. They are not related. But Lil Wayne considers Birdman a father figure. Birdman is the mentor of Lil Wayne's career since signing him to a contract with Cash Money records in 1994 as part of a duo with B.G. (Christopher Dorsey).

Are birdman and Lil Wayne brothers?

No. Birdman is the father of Lil Wayne. no he ain't he is just like a father him cuz he raised him ACTUALLY birdman is lil waynes uncle but ever since lil Wayne father left him birdman had tooken care of lilwayne and his mom and so he calls himself is dad like the cover page a magazine (MORE)

What did Lil Wayne do?

In the midst of a career surge that has made him one of rap's biggest stars, Lil Wayne is bracing for a year behind bars after pleading guilty in a three-year-old gun case. Lil Wayne said little as he admitted illegally having a loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007, moving to end a case that had churn (MORE)

What is the relationship between birdman and Lil Wayne?

Lil'Wayne father left Wayne when he was young and was never a part of his life, even now, and Birdman took over as substitute father, and now they call each other family but Birdman is not really his father he just stepped in as a substitute father, and moreover a mentor for him as no father figure (MORE)

Who is richer between Lil Wayne or birdman?

Birdman is substantially richer than Lil Wayne. He started Wayne and many other artists. He also owns numerous record labels. It is very possible Wayne will one day in the future surpass Birdman in wealth and revenue.

Did Lil Wayne kiss a man?

i think so my friend told me he saw lil Wayne kiss a man on his computer i hope that it isn't true if it is i don't care because i still LOVE LIL WAYNE P.S DID I METION HE IS SO SEXY LOVE, SOULJA GIRL

Where did Lil Wayne get 'Lil' from?

His name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr . Wayne is short for Dwayne, and 'Lil' is because he is Dwayne Jr. . His mother, "Cita" Carter called him Lil Dwayne and Lil Wayne affectionately as a child. Although, he has no relations with his biological father.

What is birdman to Lil Wayne's mom?

Birdman is not actually lil Wayne's father, adoptive father, or anything else. Lil Wayne calls Birdman his daddy because Birdman brought weezy into the rap game in the first place. Just like your father prepares you for your life, Wayne's life is rap, so his "father" prepared him for the rap world.

Is Lil Wayne and birdman dating?

Yes they are dating. They kiss on the mouth and birdman buys lil wayne very expensive cars and diamond rings, bracelets, and watches. Birdman is not lil waynes father But instead Picked him up at the age of 11 and raped him, wayne admitted to this in the Carter 3 Documentary.

DID she Lil Wayne?

lil chuckie from lil Wayne group "yung mula""young money" is around 13- 14 years old answered by miss goonette from b-more hit me up lor shor...

Where did birdman meet lil wanye?

Lil Wayne and the Birdman met each other once Lil Wayne entered into an agreement with Cash Money Records. It is said that he now treats him like a son.

Is Birdman Lil?

no.but birdman took lil Wayne under his wings when he was 14.this was after he noticed Wayne's pun-rapping skills and signed him under cashmoney records.but then Wayne was in a group known as HOT BOYZ which he was the youngest and birdman was in BIG TYMERS.

Who is Lil Twist to Lil Wayne?

Lil Twist is just a really good friend of Lil Wayne they are now related in any kind of way. They see each other as brothers but yeah, they're not related through blood or family.

Is Lil Wayne worth more than birdman?

it is claimed on this website's other answers that lil Wayne is worth only 100mill but birdman is 350mill from cash money alone... it is frusterating because young jeezy(great rapper but not as famous) is worth i think 150mill lol something has to be wrong with lil waynes net value but until its fix (MORE)

Are Wayne and birdman related?

they are not really father-son, but they do see each other like that. birdman raised Wayne from (i guess) the age 12-13. when lil Wayne was still a little kid his father left him, so his new stepdad took care of him. but when Wayne was about 13 the shot himself (it was an accident) in his left ch (MORE)

What is lil twist to lil Wayne?

LIL TWIST and lil Wayne are not related its just that lil Wayne knows lil twist's dad because when lil twist was only 6 years old he had made this little video and then when he grew up he got signed to young money. but no they are not related in any type of way at all.hope yhurr happy

Why did birdman adopted Lil Wayne?

bcause lil Wayne was destined to be AA rapper and he left a freestyle of him rapping on bird man answering machine so bird man and slim his brother took hi9m in waynes mom didnt like that Wayne was repping gang colors and pulled him out and then waynes dad got killed

How are Lil Wayne and Birdman actually related?

Lil Wayne and Birdman are both American rappers. Besides fellow artists, their relation is known as father and son relationship. Lil Wayne does not know much about his biological father, but Birdman considers him son.