What foods are included in a 2 hr post prandial breakfast?

"Post prandial" means "after you have eaten." If you mean, what foods do you eat 2 hours after you eat breakfast, donuts are good. Bagels and croissants are also popular. Pran (MORE)

Are post marked stamps collectible?

Yes, they certainly are collectible. In some cases, a canceled stamp is worth more than a mint one. Most instances this would be for a stamp on an envelope where the entire ca (MORE)

Why did Mark not include post-resurrection appearances?

Mark's Gospel originally ended at verse 16:8, when the young man explained that Jesus had risen, and the women fled in fear, telling no-one. The "Long Ending" (there was also, (MORE)

Why did Mark include the messianic secret in his Gospel?

Throughout the Gospel of Mark, there are regular examples of Jesus admonishing both people and demons not to reveal to others who he truly was. Over the centuries this has giv (MORE)
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What are the benefits of including a thumbnail picture on a picture post?

The benefits of thumbnail pictures include saving bandwidth, and providing an easy to view image for those on mobile devices. Being able to see a thumbnail allows those who ar (MORE)