Why did Singapore fall in the fall of Singapore?

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The British had been overconfident that the Japanese would attack from the sea and thus pointed the naval defenses towards the sea. They even described Singapore as an "impregnable fortress". Moreover, the weapons that the British had were far weaker than those of the Japanese. The British found it unnecessary to use tanks in the jungle while The Royal Air Force could offer the ships no protection as their planes had already been destroyed by the Japanese. Hence, the battleship "Prince of Wales" and the battle cruiser "Repulse" were sunk by fast Japanese torpedo bombers. The British soldiers in Singapore were recruits, with little fighting experience. To their disadvantage, Lt. Gen Percival, leader of the British forces, was less experienced in jungle warfare compared to Japanese Lt Gen Yamashita.
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What was Australia's involvement in the fall of Singapore?

Australia, having been part of the British Empire had soldiers, if only a small amount, garrisoned in Singapore. When Singapore fell 85000 prisoners were taken, British and Australian. Australia were now underthreat as one of the reasons for Singapore to be taken was to get an advantage over Austral (MORE)

Where is Singapore?

Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, is located in Southeast Asia. It is an island state at the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. It is one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia. It is a country of approximately 4 million peop (MORE)

What is Singapore?

Singapore is a safe country.Other country thicks Singapore is smalland cant do anythings but we build up tall buildings as fast ascould . Even Sentosa has opened new shops and places that we canplay.

What is the capital of Singapore?

Singapore's capital city is Singapore (the entire country is the city-state itself). The city of Singapore is the capital of the Republic of Singapore.

What are the causes of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese?

The soldiers were inexperienced and untrained unlike the Japanese who had real fighting experience in China. The Indians were trained for the desert environment while the soldiers were given lousy guns as the British had financial problems while fighting the Germans in Europe. The British spent too (MORE)

Why Singapore was governed?

Singapore has an great harbor, and was thusly controlled by Great Britain. Because it was a major British military installation, the Japanese had to take it.

What is the meaning of Singapore?

The name "Singapore" is actually derived from the Malay word "Singapura", which literally means "Lion City". Legend states that Sang Nila Utama, a prince from Palembang, founded ancient Singapore and named it "Singapura" after he spotted an animal that resembled a lion. Recent studies, though, ha (MORE)

Why was the fall of Singapore important?

The 1942 attack on Singapore was important in World War II becauseSingapore was considered a vital part of the British Empire andsupposedly impregnable as a fortress. Singapore's surrender wasshowing the world that Japan was a force to be afraid of. The British government heavily underestimated the (MORE)

Singapore is in what country?

Actually, Singapore itself is a country. Hard to believe right? its so small but very safe :) im from Singapore too. Kid, you don't believe me? ask your teachers and parents.

What hemisphere is Singapore in?

Singapore is in the Northern hemisphere. But only just- Singapore's latitude is 1 o 17', or 137 km (85 mi) north of the Equator.

What timezone is Singapore in?

Singapore is 8 hours ahead of UTC, meaning that to get the time in Singapore add 8 hours to the time in London (Greenwich Mean Time).

Why did Singapore fall?

The British army in Singapore did not expect an attack to Singapore from Malaysia. Malaysia was full of forests and the middle stretch was all mountainous areas. In addition, there were more than 100,000 soldiers of the British army situated in Malaysia. In this case, the British army placed all the (MORE)

How big is Singapore?

It is very small and cannot be seen on the world map but it isabout 274.1 sq miles (710 km squared)

Is Singapore in Nigeria?

No, Nigeria is a small village in Singapore. HaHa..both the question and the answer is trying to be funny. Nigeria is no where near Singapore.

What happened during the fall of Singapore?

Japan captured Singapore from England; Britain surrendered her military unconditionally. Many of the soldiers in Singapore, regardless of their race, were held as POWS (prisoners of war).

What is the Singapore Spirit?

The Spirit of Singapore. Kiasu and Kiasi.. Also known as rude, crude, socially impolite, mannerless, third world people, and slobs

When did the fall of Singapore happen?

The fall of Singapore happened on February 15th 1942 - and isconsidered one of the greatest defeats in the history of theBritish Army and probably Britain's worst defeat in WWII.

Why is Singapore named Singapore?

It was rumored that the prince of a civilization in Jakarta came to Singapore to seek to expand his area of governance. When he first landed on this island, he saw a huge creature which resembles a lion. Hence, he named the island "Singapura", which in Malay translates into "Lion City". Singapore (MORE)

What can you do when you are in Singapore?

Go shopping, ride the Singapore Flyers, watch movies and tourists like to go to Sentosa. If you like animals, you have to go to the zoo. Then, there's the Bird Park.

When and how did British Singapore fall to the Japanese?

Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942. The Battle of Singapore was fought in the South-East Asian theatre of World War II when the Empire of Japan invaded the Allied stronghold of Singapore. Singapore was the major British military base in South East Asia and nicknamed the "Gibraltar of the East" (MORE)

Is Singapore in Vietnam?

No it is not. SINGAPORE · Complete Name: Republic of Singapore · Native Name: Singapora, Xinjiapo, Singapur, Singapore · ISO-Code: SGP · Capital: Singapore VIETNAM · Complete Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam · Native Name: Việt Nam · ISO-Code: VNM · Capital: Hà (MORE)

Maplestory- How do you get out of Singapore?

The only known way out of Singapore (CBD Area) is through the same way you went in, through the Airport. The ticket can be costly, (20,000 Mesos) for new players, so it is not recommended for those of a low level, and those who have low funding.

What is the singapores personality?

"Young, open minded Asian, but with conservative values, self-supporting, interested in technology, embarrassed about a colourful past, decisive, non-smoker, seeks Foreign love, doesn't play games."

Population density of Singapore Singapore?

With a population of about 4,987,600 people excluding tourist in a small area of 710.2 km2 it is known to be the third most densely populated country. It's really not that crammed as long as you know where are the crowded places to avoid. Or else just keep walking along with everyone else.

How did the Battle of Singapore impact Singapore?

It showed that Singapore is not invincible. The Natives view the British as weak and unworthy to lord over them. As a result, natives see that the British are not capable of governing their colonies. Hence, the idea of separation is brought about.

Is there a mayor in Singapore?

Nope. Singapore follows a unitary system of Governance where the Central Government(i.e. the Legislature/Executive/Judiciary) is the only layer of government. The 'Mayor'(s) of Singapore is the leader of the Community Development Council(CDC) without any major legislative/executive functions.

Does Singapore have earthquakes?

Never. Singapore hasn't really experienced natural disasters before. Except for Waterspouts, but they're quite rare and nobody have been injured in those before.

Why is Singapore?

Singapore is just like the United States. If Singapore crash, the entire South-East Asia will be in turmoil.

What was the main reason for the fall of Singapore?

There are actually a few. You can judge for your own which is the main one Firstly, General Percival underestimated the Japanese power. The British thought that the Japanese were inferior to them. Ironically, the Japanese were way more advanced in terms of their technology. The Japanese 'Zero' fi (MORE)

What about the Singapore?

Singapore is good............ do you want to go to the universal studios...... many things can buy there....... do you want to go to the Singapore city......... it is good there too.....

Are there beaches in Singapore?

Yes. The ones at East Coast Park and Sentosa are the most popular. Pasir Ris Park and Changi Beach aren't quite as nice as the first two locations.

How does the Singapore president contribute to Singapore?

The President of Singapore generally holds limited power. He is in charge of maintaining foreign relations with other countries. Other than that, the President also acts as a safeguard because he has the ability to veto the use of government reserves in Singapore. In addition, he control appoi (MORE)

Why was the fall of Singapore so important for Australia?

During World War 2, the Australians were part of the Allies,fighting alongside Britain in the battle of Singapore. The port ofSingapore was often used by the Australians for refuelling ofwarship, warplanes and such, therefore Singapore was also veryimportant to the Australians. Surrendering Singapor (MORE)

Why Singapore named as Singapore?

that will be because of sang nila utama , he called the island singapura as in the island he first saw a singa (lion) . Singa means Lion.pura means city. AND because we have good harbour our famous icon is the merlion. Mer means sea, so its sea lion.

Why did Singapore fall in the hands of the Japanese?

The British did not suspect that the Japanese would attack Singapore and the maps were not updated, which made the British think that the only way the Japanese could get to Singapore was through the forests or by sea, but the Japanese took the highway riding on bicycles and brought tanks. The Japane (MORE)

How could the fall of Singapore have been prevented?

The fall of Singapore could have been prevented in many ways, butin my opinion if the British had not been so complacent they mayhave been able to prevent Singapore from falling to the Japanese.Many of the British soldiers took the Japanese lightly. They didnot think that they would be able to captu (MORE)