Why did Ukraine used to be called the Ukraine?

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In Ukraine
Some people used to refer to it as such, and some still do, but this is linguistically wrong. The name of the country is simply Ukraine.
So it is grammatically right to write 'Ukraine' not 'the Ukraine.'

Using "the" is a holdover from when Ukraine was under Russian domination. Both the czars and the Soviets denied the nationhood of Ukraine, and tried to force the people to assimilate. This was done by banning the usage of the Ukrainian language and by trying to get people to believe that Ukraine was merely a region of RUssia, and that the Ukrainians were merely "Little Russians."
The correct usage (and that preferred by the current government) is simply "Ukraine." The other usage was preferred by the Russian and Soviet overlords in Ukraine's past; they denied the separate nationhood of Ukraine, and considered it merely a region of Russia. Thus the usage.
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What is the capital of Ukraine?

Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Ukraine, is one of the oldest cities ofEastern Europe, having been founded, according to legend, in 462AD. It is situated on the right and the left banks of the riverDnipro (Dnieper) and its current population is 2.5 million people. Historically, other cities have served (MORE)

Where is Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe between Russia on the east,Belarus on the North, Poland on the west, and Romania, Moldova, andthe Black Sea to the south. On that map it is in the right middle. It is the largest country in Europe not including Russia becausethe most of the Russia is located (MORE)

How far is a flight from the US to Ukraine?

Answer . >Distance: . The total distance from Kiev to New York is 4,623 miles .. This is equivalent to 7,440 kilometers or 4,017 nautical miles . >Travel Time: Approximately 9 to 9.5 hours fliying time.

How big is Ukraine?

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe not including Russia because the bigger part of it is actually in Asia. Approximately the area of Ukraine is 600,000 square miles, the population is not so big though - nearly 46,000,000 and it's decreasing. Over 10 miles

What does Ukraine mean?

There is disagreement about the meaning of the name "Ukraine." Some say it means "on the edge," as "kray" means edge, but that would actually be O-krayinah not U-krayinah. The word "krayinah" means country/nation, and the name could simply mean "the country.".

How old is the ukrain?

Kievan Rus' empire from 9th century - makes it over 1100 years old. Ukraine gained independence from USSR on August 24, 1991, so Ukraine is not even 20 years old.

What are religions in Ukraine?

The major religion is Christianity: basicly Greek-Catholic, Rome-Catholic and the other branches of Catholicism. Some Eastern parts of Ukraine support Orthodox church.

What is the religion of Ukraine?

Ukraine is the initiator of Orthodoxy of Christianity. But whenRussia took over Orthodoxy of Ukraine and set their own leader asthe leader of all Orthodoxy, Ukraine changed over it's religiousleader to Catholic leader, and that's why they are Greek Catholics,Rome Catholics, etc. They are just Orthod (MORE)

Ukraine is famous for what?

It's pretty famous for a place called chernobyl, which is aan abandoned city/ town. It's famous for the nuclear disater. Google it to find out more.

What are Ukraine allies?

Ukraine's main allies are the Eastern European nations who were also liberated from communism and Russia's control. Mainly Belarus and the big three (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) although they have good relations with Moldova, Albania, Slovakia and Romania. These are the allies likely to support (MORE)

Where is ukrain?

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country on the European continent, after Russia.

What were methods used in Ukraine genocide?

Primarily starvation, deportation to gulags, and a shot to the back of the head in a prision was used. Brutall and efficent, this is typical of Stalin. This genocide is a major reason bettwen animosty bettwen Russia nad the Ukraine.

What is the location of Ukraine?

In Eastern Europe. West of Russia. East of Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. North of Romania, Moldovia, and the Black Sea. South of Belarus

What traditions are in Ukraine?

Ahh... why do u need to know ? Anyways I'm Ukrainian so I know. There are traditions like Independence day and Christian holidays. I don't really know what you mean by Traditions. But they are the same as Americans or English. They dress the same and do same stuff. Except Ukrainians don't cele (MORE)

How do you get Residency of Ukraine for us citizen?

I am a US citizen and permanent resident of Ukraine. Usually, the foreign citizen must marry a Ukrainian citizen and reside in the country. After two years of marriage, an application for residency can be made at the district OVIR office. This gives most of the benefits of citizenship, except voting (MORE)

How can Ukraine be abbreviated?

If using a 3 letter abbreviation, it would be UKR . . 2 letter abbreviation is UA .  Also less popular UK , UA is the better abbreviation so there is less confusion. . Ukr & Uk is typically appropriate when used with translation, etc. . UA is used on Ukrainian license plates. (MORE)

How safe is Ukraine?

Not that safe...watch out for all your things and remember to lock doors and don't leave things in open sights...

What is Ukraine popular for?

It's popular for many things, like national cuisine, nationalresorts (Crimea, Azov Sea, mineral water resorts, CarpathianMountains and so on).

What do you call Santa Claus in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, Santa is known as Дід Мороз (Did Moroz, "GrandpaFrost") or Святий Миколай (Sviaty Mykolay, "Saint Nicholas").

Does Ukraine have have Christmas?

well, yes but not technically. you see, like any other country theyhave their own traditions for this holiday. yes, we have Christmas as all the other countries but we celebrateit in much different way and on the 7th of January because wemostly are Greek catholics and Roman catholics celebrate it o (MORE)

How long does it take mail to get to US from Ukraine?

well Ukraine is far away from the US so i will say about 1 week and a half or so If it is a simple letter, then yes... about a week. Packages are another story though, depending on the size and weight. 4-6 weeks is the norm. I live in Ukraine and my mother sends me multiple packages at a time fr (MORE)

What is the altitude in Ukraine?

try this he highest altitude in Ukraine is mountain Goverla (2061 meters) in the Carpathians. The maximum altitude at the Crimean's is the Roman-kosh (1545 meters). I

If you marry in Ukraine can you stay in Ukraine?

From living in Ukraine for 10 years, no one will stop you living in Ukraine, if you are a citizen of different country you might have trouble coming back if you stay for too long though. Ukraine does not officially recognize dual-citizenship, but neither will Ukraine take away your citizenship (MORE)

What rhymes with Ukraine?

Spain Pain Campaign Abstain Champagne Chow Mein Brain Main Drain Feign Lane Reign Vein Wain Cane Terrain Plane Chain Domain Contain Complain Insane Rain Gain Inhumane Entertain

Why is ukraine called ukraine?

Ukraine in a translation to an Ukrainian language is "in country". For someone who knows: У Кра!!на. (ukraina) u- in, kraina- country. Make sense.

What is Ukraine nationality?

Citizenship in Ukraine is recognized as Ukraine nationality internationally speaking. Ethnically speaking, the Ukrainians are an Eastern Slavic ethnic group that are maybe 70% of the population there. The rest are ethnically Russian or Tatar or Polish but they hold Ukraine citizenship.

How do you make a call from Ukraine to India?

The country code for India is +91. The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here"; from Ukraine, that's 00. Also, you need to drop the leading zero from the Indian number.

Will the US country code and area code be required for calls received from someone in Ukraine while in the Ukraine?

If you're asking whether someone in the Ukraine calling the United States needs to use the US country code and area code, yes. If you're asking whether someone in the Ukraine needs the US country code and area code to call a U.S. mobile phone that is physically in the Ukraine, the answer is still y (MORE)

How can you get to Ukraine?

You can walk, run or swim, better ask them first though. Just a word of warning watch your back as you will probably get shot. It has been nice answering your question and I hope you have enjoyed your life.

How was Ukraine formed?

1. Guy walks down street 2. Guy sees building sight 3. Guy looks at a crane 4. Guy points at crane and says 'u crane' 5. Ukraine is born.

What is a liter in Ukraine?

A litre (or liter) is 1000 ml anywhere in the world. The Ukrainian word is літер, pronounced "lyi-ter."

What is the calendar that Ukraine uses?

Nowadays, Ukraine uses the gregorian calendar. However, they used to use their own calendar. On 14 January, what Ukrainians call old new year today was the old ukrainian calendar's new year.

How do people in Ukraine use their land?

The lands of Ukraine are used for agriculture and mining. More than half of the land is arable, thus it can produce and has produced many types of crops including wheat.

Why do US win more than ukrain?

yes they win more because they have more money than poor countries so they can get better equipment to use while practising