What is a female doctor called?

A doctor. "Doctresse" is an archaic term denoting a female doctor, but just like "professoress" and "instructress" are old terms which have been abandoned as there is no need (MORE)

Who are some famous female doctors?

Some famous female doctors are Virginia Apgar, Elizabeth GarrettAnderson, Roberta Bondar, and Elizabeth Blackwell. Blackwell wasthe first woman in the United States to earn a (MORE)

Is Doctor Who a female?

The Doctor (of Doctor Who) is currently a male. He regenerates when his body is damaged severely enough to a point near to death and so assumes a new form. This has, so-far, r (MORE)
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Can you show your penis to a doctor?

Yes. Doctors are trained to look at every part of your body. They can help you with any problem you may have and can even detect some problems you may not know you have. And y (MORE)
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Is there a female Doctor Who?

Dr. Who has always been, to my knowledge, a male character. However in science fiction, there have been female doctors- for example Dr. Venus who was the sidekick of Steve Zod (MORE)
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Are female doctors as good as male doctors?

Male medical professionals are every bit as good as female medicalprofessionals. Female medical professionals are every bit as good as male medicalprofessionals. There has bee (MORE)