Why did banjo become popular in Appalachian music?

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Because it fit in so well with the traditional fiddle.
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When did techno music become popular?

Tiesto (Trance artist)- God Father of Techno. Techno is HUGE and I mean HUGE in EVERY COUNTRY BUT THE US. If you havent heard of Tiesto - Armin - Bad Boy Bill - Mathew Dear -

When did music become popular?

Music was always popular all over the world. If it's tribal music, religious music, or folk songs. In the old testament music is mentioned many times (king David for instance

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Classical music wasn't as you know it today. Today we have multiple genres spanning the entire music scene of the world. Several centuries ago Classical music was simply music

When did rap music become popular?

Rap music first hit the mainstream in 1979 when The Sugarhill Gang dropped "Rapper's Delight" over the top of the beat to "Good Times" by Chic. At that time Chic was one of th

How did rap music become popular?

someone was listening to it one day.. & they liked it, obviously. that person told another to listen to it & eventually it made it's way around the world.

How did pop music become popular?

it become famouse during age of pirates! pirates liked to jam out to some good old pop music back in the day. ARREEE MATEE!

How did pop music become popular and when did it become popular?

The "Pop" in the term "Pop Music" is a shortening of the word Popular - pop music is just a "Groovy" way of saying popular music. So your question is really "How did popula

What is madrigalism When did it become popular in music history?

Madrigalisms are devices used in madrigals to enhance or portray the text. They can also be referred to as text paintings or imitations. For example, if a word in the text tal

When did pop music become so popular?

You do know that the perm pop is an abbreviated form of the word popular, right? Pop music is popular by definition, that's what the word means. Pop music as we know it today
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In what year did the musical Rent become popular?

Rent first opened off-Broadway in January 1996 and was instantly a hit. Later, in June of that same year, Rent moved to Broadway and in 2005 was made into a full length motio
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When did carousel music boxes become popular?

There is no definitive time frame in which carousel music boxes became popular. Music boxes were developed in the early 1800's and were popular throughout the the 19th and 20