Why did explorers go on dangerous voyages?

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they usually wanted some more money, wanted to get away from their lives at home or to prove something of themselves
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Why was Portugal the leader in voyages in exploration?

It's because Prince Henry the Navigator started a navigation school. Then Explorers explored the Cape of good hope (the tip of Africa) and then went to India. They established

Why did europeans make voyages of exploration?

to find land that is rich with gold ,silver or bronze or to escape sickness. or for political reasons like the some reasons like the British came over to America to end the ru

Which places did Magellan explore in his voyage?

Magellan landed at several locations during his voyage to circumnavigate the globe. A few of them include: The Canry Islands, Cape Verde, Rio de Janeiro, The east coa

Why did the Renaissance explorers go on voyages?

Because the Renaissance didn't have any cars, it took days to travel on foot. So there only choice to go is on ships,boats to travel, explore, colonize and trade goods with ot

Where were the Portuguese trying to go on their voyages of exploration?

The Portuguese were trying to find an alternate route to get to India. The exotic Indian trade goods were loved by Europeans, but to get there you had to walk through Europe a
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What things do explorers look for on a voyage?

well here are a list of things they look for. :fish, food, and drinks :land and your journey point :also they look for any kind of good shelter I hope you like my ad