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Why did Mark Twain leave school?

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His dad died and he had to support his family
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Where did Mark Twain go to school?

Samuel Langhorne Clemens went to school in Hannibal, Missouri butworked a series of part-time jobs to help the family because hisfather died of pneumonia. By 1853, he left Han

What school did Mark Twain go to?

It is not known exactly what school Mark Twain went to, however he  did go to school in Hannibal, Missouri. He dropped out of school to  work when he was 16.

Did Mark Twain go to school?

Yes, Mark twain did go to school at one point in his life. He did  not finish high school and dropped out at the age of 16.

What did Mark Twain do after he left school?

Mark Twain left school at sixteen and began working as an  apprentice to a printer. However, a few years later, he got a  chance to indulge his love of the Mississippi river

Did Mark Twain have school challenges?

Samuel Clemens' father died when he was 12 so he had to quit schooland help raise money for the family. He worked as a typesetter fora newspaper.