Why did romanias leave Romania in 1869?

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Could you clarify your question? Who left Romania? Do you mean the Romanies? (= the Gypsies). If so, I am not aware of any exodus; quite on the contrary, they are still here = (except those who left for the West after the Revolution = the fall of Communism = 1989).
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Where is Romania?

Romania is in SE Europe.. Romania is in Eastern Central Europe. (45 with 45 degrees). Next to: Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Black Sea.. Romania is a medium s

Is there a marathon in Romania?

Yes, the International Marathon of Bucharest. See the link: http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maratonul_interna%C5%A3ional_Bucure%C5%9Fti

When did Romania industrialize?

After 1848 and especially in the communist period, 1948-1988. Now, after 1989, the industry and agriculture in Romania were practically destroyed.

Does Romania have a president?

Yes ; Romania is a semi-presidential republic with a president whom is head of state and a prime minister whom is head of government.
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What can you do in Romania?

Romania has a variety of things to do, so it depends on what youlike! There are large cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov andBucharest to explore. It is situated in the
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What did the Romans leave behind for Romania?

The biggest thing the Romans left behind for Romania is the Romanian language, which, like Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese, is a Romance language. This means that it i