Why did the British immigrate to the US?

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There was no U.S. when British settled in North America. The british citizens that resented Monarchy is what started the creation of the U.S.
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Why do immigrants come to the US?

immigrants come to the US because their home country might not havethe same rights economic opportunity that the US has. Manyimmigrants have also been political refugees whose home country hasa totalitarian government. Ever since its beginnings as a Britishcolony, the, now USA, has been seen as a la (MORE)

Why do immigrants to the US gain weight?

Bad Diet . Immigrants who come to the US who gain weight most likely do because of a change in diet. The food in America is not exactly healthy all the time, and it is actually becoming more expensive to eat a healthy diet than to go to McDonalds for lunch.. At my school I have seen it a number (MORE)

Why did immigrants change their name when they immigrated to the US?

Answer . 1. Involuntary - Because those processing them on entry to the US could not understand or spell their surnames 2. Voluntary - to change their identity or to gain greater acceptance by losing a connection to an 'undesirable' roots or creating a connection to 'desirable' roots

Who immigrated to the US?

Lots of people immigrate to the USA. Lets name a few: Africans,Asians, Mexicans, Irish, Austro-Hungarians, Italians, Germans, andmany more.

Why is immigration a problem in the us?

I'm gonna give you 2 answers, it all depends weather you are a republican/conservative like me or a Democrat/liberal 1. conservative answer: They use our roads and public usses, they are using our stuff witout paying for it, in turn we will have to raise taxes if they wear down the roads and buse (MORE)

How do you immigrate to the US from England?

You go to an airport and go on a plane.. There are many possibilities. . - Green card lottery which will be again in autumn. . - You have a proffesion which is preffered to get a visa.. - You have enough money and can make a buisness, you will have a better chance of getting a visa.. HAVE A L (MORE)

What effect did immigration have on the US economy?

If we are measuring the US economy from 1789 to the present day,the US economy went through many changes in its history. Majorevents such as wars, immigration restrictions and sometimes lawsthat restricted immigration all at some point affected the economy.In the US and in many other industrialized (MORE)

Why do Cubans immigrate to the US?

Most of the Cubans that immigrated to the US did so because they did not wish to live under the communist rule of Fidel Castro. Cuba was a very nice place to live, the weather, the beaches, the people, the music, the food, the countryside all helped make Cuba the most popular vacation spot in the Ca (MORE)

Can I marry an immigrant that has a felony in the US?

You can marry an immigrant that has a felony in the US. A marriagelicense does not require a background check. However, theImmigration department will complete a background check and maydismiss theÊindividual with the felony from living legally in theUS.

Why did the Japanese immigrate to the US?

The Japanese immigrants immigrated to the US because they wanted a better life, get a better education, get new jobs, escape poverty, unemployment, bankruptcies, and they heard of the sugar industry.

Why did Poland immigrants come to the US?

During the 1980's and 1970's and early 1990's Poland was a poor country. The communists where ruling and life in Poland was horrible. Now in days many peopel are migrating back because Poland now is a stable and not poor coutnry it is devolping quickly and is becoming a rich country.

What did immigrants do in the US?

many immigrants went in search of jobs when they arrived and soon after, they went to stay in tenement houses if they didn't work in factories (factory jobs supply you with a home with other kids of your gender; up to 5 kids in a room. mostly only children worked in factories to keep the machines op (MORE)

Why did British immigrants come to America?

British immigrants came to America for many reasons, but most were seeking an opportunity for a better life than they had at home. Very early in the history of Colonial American, some groups of immigrants came seeking religious liberty, or the opportunity to establish their own religious orthodoxy, (MORE)

What does the term ''british immigrants'' mean?

British immigrants are people who come into another country to live and they come from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or even one of the British colonies. The large island which contains the countries of England and Wales and Scotland is called Great Britan and the people who live there (MORE)

How do you get an immigrant visa for US?

This procedure is based on the location of the intending immigrant. This is a very broad overview of this procedure. . Applying from the United States: . The US relative will file an I-130 Petition for their alien relative who is in the United States. Best practice is to complete the rest of the (MORE)

What impact does Mexican immigration have on US?

The most important being that the US are becoming a 'Hispanic' country. By 2050 one in three Americans will be Hispanic, 21% will be of other minority and a little over 36% will be 'white'.

Do Australians like British immigrants?

I'm sure they don't mind them now, but a long time ago, when they decided they'd take over the natives home and make it their own, the Australians didn't really like them all that much. Australia actually started as a British penal colony. Because prisons were overcrowded, some prisoners were sen (MORE)

What technology did immigration use?

As early as the late 19th century or early 20th century, many immigrants came by boat, to Ellis or Angel Island. European immigrates would travel to Ellis Island, and Asian immigrants would travel to Angel Island, where they would be inspected for diseases or other things that could prevent them fro (MORE)

Why did nativists oppose immigration to the US?

Like most countries, the United States alternated between welcomingnewcomers and wishing they would stay away. Some Americannativists, especially in the early to mid-1800s, wanted only thosewho were descendants of the original colonists to live in the US.They questioned whether immigrants with no ti (MORE)

Where did the Jews come from when they immigrated to the US?

1. From about 1880-1914 a. Mainly from the Russian Empire, especially from Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. b. From parts of Austria-Hungary, especially the Polish areas. c. On a smaller scale, from Germany. 2. From 1933-1941 Mainly from Nazi Germany and from Austria.

Did the Chinese immigrate or colonize the US?

Immigrate, Yes. Colonize, No. The Chinese came to the US to work. In China in the 19th centurythere was a lot of poverty and little chance to improve theircondition at home. They were employed to help build thetranscontinental railroads and to work the plantations of Hawaii.Although they were treat (MORE)

Why do Mexican people immigrate to the US?

For many reasons: Better life, more freedom, jobs, money, education, safetyness, escape from the Mexican Government, etc. For some, the U.S.A. is still known as "The Land Of Opportunity", even when we are in a financial crisis...

How did immigrants adapt to life in the US?

Immigrants started their new life by finding homes and jobs. They also needed to learn a new language, which proved difficult for some people. On top of that they needed to adapt their customs to fit daily life in the United States. Children often learned new customs more quickly than their parents (MORE)

Who are famous immigrants to the US?

Albert Einstein. . John Lennon, . Cary Grant, . Madeline Albright, . Levi Strauss, . Andrew Carnegie, . Audrey Hepburn, . Conrad Murray, . Christian Amanpour, . Mikhail Baryshnikov, . Jackie Chan, . Mila Kunis, . Henry Kissinger, . Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, . Meyer Lansky.

What have immigrant brought to US?

Immigrants have brought lots of things to America. Like from Italy they started water ice, and in general different countries brought over many different foods. Countries also brought over clothing, games, lots of stuff.

Who immigrates to the US?

Immigration to the United States is a complex demographic phenomenon that has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout much of the history of the United States. The economic, social, and political aspects of immigration have caused controversy regarding ethnicity, eco (MORE)

What are British Institutes to immigrants?

Refusing to answer this question because it makes no sense at all. There should be no way this passed quality testing and would probably take 10 minutes just to try and figure out how to answer this.

Are legal immigrants to the US as impoverished as illegal immigrants to the US?

Legal immigrants are often not as impoverished as illegalimmigrants, but are certainly not wealthy, the majorityconstituting the lower middle class and not ever becoming more thanmiddle class. Most immigrants end up living simple lives in ethniccommunities or in general society. Illegal immigrants t (MORE)