Why did the Holocaust target the handicapped?

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They targeted the handicapped because they were no use to the Nazis because they couldn't work. The Nazis were going about creating a master race of perfect human beings. Anyone who did not fit into Hitler's ideal person was targeted. That is why they exterminated who they exterminated: basically those who were not blond haired and blue eyed and those who were crippled/handicapped. It was known as euthanasia plan. Says omar.
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Why were the handicapped targeted during the Holocaust?

The handicapped were targeted by Hitler during the Holocaust because they did not fit into Hitler's view of a "perfect (Aryan) race/Germany" due to them having limitations as

How many handicapped people were killed in the Holocaust?

there was so many people killed that u coulnt even count it. disabled people were killed as a part of the T-4 programme, if disabled people were killed in the Holocaust, it wa

Where did the Germans take the mentally handicapped in the Holocaust?

They usually killed them on the spot; ecxecution. If they didn't noticed that they were handicapped; they would killed them first than the others as soon as they found out and

Why were Jewish people the target in the Holocaust?

Please see the related questions below. Possibly because Hitler had a very high position in the German government. This way he led the Germans to believing that Jews were th

Why were the Jews targeted during the Holocaust?

Answer 1 because Hitler belved that the Jews were the reason Germany lost WW1 and when he came in power he wanted to "unite" Germany again andby saying that he meant most of

Who was not targeted in the holocaust?

Aryans, pure blood Germans, blond hair blue eye. Pretty much people that weren't Jewish, Homosexual, Mentally ill, Gypsy's, Handicapped etc..

Which group was the primary target in the Holocaust?

The primary target in the Holocaust were the Jews . However,the gypsies, properly called "Romani" were hit hard. Other groupsincluded: -Homosexuals -Bible Students (Now call