Why did the Ottoman Empire attempt to reform itself?

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When the Ottoman Empire was at its territorial height in the 16th Century, it was the most technologically advanced nation in the world, and was greatly feared by the Christian nations of Europe. However, from then on the empire began to decline relative to the western nations, which advanced significantly in technological and political terms, and succeeded in acquiring large empire in the Americas and Far East. Following the Napoleonic Wars and the rise of nationalism, Greek nationalists started to agitate for independence, which they succeeded in doing with British, French and Russian assistance, while an Albanian general, Mohammed Ali, took control of Egypt, declared independence and conquered much of the Ottoman Empire's Arabian territory, and came close to taking Constantinople. It was only the western powers intervention from preventing the Ottomans being overthrown completely.

After these events, the Ottomans realised they had to reform to catch up to the western world as a major power, and also to guarantee their own empire's independence.

In 1828, Murad III, Sultan committed to reform, as a first step violently purged the Janissaries, the Sultans traditional bodyguard who over the centuries had become unreliable and were against reform and modernisation. He replaced them with a modern professional army based on western models with modern uniforms and equipment, and adopted modern tactics. It was also under his reign that the Tanzimat was enacted, which started in 1839 and was continued by his successor, Abdulmecid.

Over the decades, the Ottomans made a very good job of reforming and modernising. The empire that was nearly destroyed in the 1820s had become a modern nation state, which in 1876 opened its first parliament, albeit with limited powers. Also in this period, they decisively defeated Serbia and Montenegro, crushed the Bulgarian rebels and very nearly defeated Russia one-on-one in the war that followed. However, the aftermath of the war was disastrous for the Ottomans. They only lost due to a lack of unified leadership, also being vastly superior in weaponry and, initially, in numbers.

The Ottomans lost Bulgaria and Bosnia, which provided a third of the Empire's revenues, and Sultan Abdulhamid II then suspended parliament, partly holding them responsible for the defeat and feeling strong government was necessary following the instability that followed defeat.

However, under Abdulhamid's autocracy, local governmental democracy flourished, and the empire continued to invest in education and modernisation of the empire.

His autocracy, however bred resentment, which culminated in the Young Turk revolution, starting in 1908, which resulted in severe instability, which Italy took advantage of to seize Libya, and Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro seized the remaining Ottoman territories in Europe.

Even so, the armed forces were modernised, and it took WWI to dismember the empire, and even then the Allies had a hard time, mainly due to underestimation. In Palestine the Ottomans held off a British army ten times its size for three years, and the Gallipoli campaign was also a success, where a young army officer, Mustafa Kemel (Ataturk) made his name.

After the empire was defeated, he was able to muster an army that drove the Allied and Greek forces completely out of Turkey, and abolished the Sultanate which had failed to support him, and proclaimed the modern Turkish Republic.

In the West, the 19th Century is often seen as a period of terminal decline for the Ottomans, which was the perception at the time, is totally inaccurate.

Thanks to the reform movements, the Ottomans were incalculably stronger at the turn of the 20th Century than they were at the turn of the 19th Century.
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What was the relationship of Serbia with the Ottoman Empire?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nSerbia was great middle age state. \nWhen Ottomans concored Byzantine, they started attacking Serbia empire.\nThey defited Serbs at Marica river battle in 1371.\nThe Battle of Kosovo (1389)defined the fate of Serbia, because after it no force capable of standing up to (MORE)

What is the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was a Turkish principality which formed in 1299.It fought multiple wars against the Byzantine Empire which ( aswell as a civil war Serbia intervened in, annexing most of theempire ) lead to the defeat of the Byzantine Empire with the end ofthe siege of Constantinople on May 29, 14 (MORE)

What did the Ottoman Empire do?

The Ottoman Empire lasted from 1299 to 1923, with the height beingaround the mid 1400s to mid 1500s. They were known for absorbingsurrounding cultures, and making them part of their own. Some other Ottoman traits: . Intercultural marriage . Heavy into the slave trade . Battled with the plague (MORE)

Who founded the Ottoman Empire?

Osman Bey, the first Ottoman Sultan founded Ottoman Empire. Osman Bey was the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire and itsnamesake. He established his rule in Anatolia in 1299.

Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse?

Mustafa Kemal Pasha - the founder of Modern Turkey, and his followers' ideas were spread enough to convince the people that the Sultan's and/or caliphate's presence was danger to the freedom of the people - considering the empire was occupied by many European armies and Sultan was unable to generate (MORE)

What countries were part of the Ottoman Empire?

there was, Turkey, Greece , Egypt, Bosnia, Herzegovinia , Serbia,Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Mesopotamia, Palestine,Algeria, Tunisia, Syria and Italian North Africa. Modern-Day Countries of which some of their territory wascontrolled by the Ottoman Empire: . Italy . Austria . Slovakia . (MORE)

How did the Ottoman Empire expand?

ottomans expansion threatened the crumbling empire. after several failed attempts to capture Constantinople Mamet the 2nd finally succeeded in by hauled ships overland and launched them into the harbor. after 2 month siege ottoman cannons finally blasted gaps in the great defensive walls .

What year did the ottoman empire end?

The Ottoman Empire ceased to exist as an empire in 1918. However, the Ottoman Sultanate continued in existence till 1922 and the caliphate until 1923 when it was abolished by the Republic of Turkey.

Who dissolved the Ottoman Empire and attempted to modernize Turkey?

Ottoman empire was dissolved at the end of World War1. Although the Ottoman empire had won many wars, the country called as defeated because of the defeated ally , Germany. then country occupied by the countries such as England, France, Greece.. the resigned Ottoman soldier whose name is Mustafa Kem (MORE)

How was the ottoman empire similar to the Austrian empire?

That they united a variety of different peoples, religions and languages under the rule of one nation. Although there was a dominiering culture and language people from all peoples could work for the state and many different languages were in use in daily life as well as in official institutions. Al (MORE)

Who destroyed the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was the sick man of Europe during World War I. Agroup of Young Turks had tried to make changes in the governmentbefore World War I. The Ottoman Empire had lost territory to newnations. The Turks killed many of the Armenians to cleanse thecountry of non Turks. Finally Attaturk took (MORE)

What were the causes of nationalism in Ottoman Empire and what were its effect to Ottoman Empire?

Although the Ottoman Empire is now generally thought of as being a Turkish Empire, the Ottomans identified themselves by language and religion more than by an ethnic identity. Although the Turks made up the largest portion of the population and had been the ones to establish the Empire, they had rec (MORE)

Which countries were aligned with the Ottoman Empire?

In its heyday the boundary's of the Ottoman Empire in Europe stretched as far north as Hungary and parts of southern Russia, Iran, the Palestinian coastline, Egypt and the north of Africa. In the1600s the empire went into decline. in 1908, when turkey decided to side with Germany in WWI the regime c (MORE)

How did the Ottoman Empire come to power?

Well Turks usually came from different places like Russia, Arabia, etc. But mainly from Central Asia what is now today Turkestan (Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, etc.) When the Mongolian Empire invaded Turkestan, the Turks started to move to Anatolia(present day Turkey) controlled by the East Roman Empire (MORE)

What made the Ottoman Empire successful?

The thing that made the Ottoman empire so successful is the people they recruited, they recruited muslims, jews, christians, anyone that could be useful. They didn't have that prejudice that many Christian countries like England or France had, so they got the best people available to do the deed. (MORE)

When did Greece secede from the Ottoman Empire?

Greece declared independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821 and achieved it through military means in 1827. However, Greece in 1827 consisted only of the regions of the Peleponnesus and Attica (the southern third of modern Greece). In order to acquire Crete, most of the Aegean Islands, Boetia, Thes (MORE)

What tribe founded the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman tribe founded the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Tribe wasa subdivision of Oghuz Türk group of tribes from Central Asia(today's Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). The Ottomans are those whomigrated to east Anatolia and conquered parts of the Anatolianplateau under the command of Osman I, from (MORE)

Why did the Ottoman Empire break apart?

Answer 1 it broke apart because the rulers of the empire were becoming to modernized and abolishing almost all Islamic traditions. such as the uncovering of women wearing veils and the abolishing of fez( a Islamic hat). also some rulers started to open casinos which was definitely against Islamic (MORE)

Did Rome intentionally build an empire or was its empire an unintended consequence of its attempts to defend itself?

It was a combination of both. Expansion - of political and social power, of control over greater areas - is always a predominant thought in the minds of leaders. So conquering the neighbours is a natural progression from this need. However, when you start fights you make enemies. When you fight the (MORE)

How did Ottoman Empire try to westernize?

It was the whole of the Western culture that allowed Europe to develop economically, Ataturk felt, and he wanted his country to develop, so the country had to Westernize.

How did the ottomans rule their empire?

The ottomans ruled their empire badly.ONe reson is because they did not know alot about what they were doing.Also because they kicked alot of people out their houses and made them live on the streets.They were mean and unfair people..Around 6 b.c they told every one if they did not follow what they (MORE)

How was the Protestant Reformation affected by the rise of the Ottoman Empire?

the rise of the ottoman empire happened before the beginging of theProtestant Reformation. The holy roman catholic church controledeurope at that time. Even though the ottomans did war withprotestants, the protestants saw many more benifits than tragedyfrom their islamic invaders. the ottoman empire (MORE)

Who were the Ottoman Turks and how did the Ottoman Empire grow?

The Ottoman Turks were a tribe of Central Asian Türks who come from the area that is now Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. They crossed into Anatolia as warriors on horseback and delivered sound victories over the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Turks (another tribe in Anatolia with similar provenance (MORE)

Who were ottoman Turks and how did the Ottoman Empire grow?

the ottoman turks were people who came all the way from China but had not started a empire yet. by the time it had reached 1299 they conquered the Anatolian plateau and they carried on growing till 1571 where a christian league destroyed the ottoman navy and they kept losing power until 1923 where I (MORE)

The Ottoman Empire was populated by?

Mostly turks but also great number of jews from Spain came and settled in empire by the time of Suleiman the magnificant. Also when Suleimans father Selim conqured arabic peninsula and middle east a lot of arabs became ottoman citizen. Generally because of ottoman country was an empire and also the (MORE)

What was the role of women in the Ottoman Empire.?

Ottoman Apologist Answer In Ottoman Empire, women were cared for so much. Maybe you heard like women didn't go out because it was banned for women. No it wasn't like that completely. In 1800s and 1900s until 1930s women in big cities wore veil etc. I said "BIG CITIES" not in other small cities or (MORE)

When was the Ottoman Empire the strongest?

Perhaps in September 1529, at the first approach to Vienna, perhaps after the reconquest of Hungary in 1541-43 and Austrian recognition of the status quo in 1547. Suleiman I's reign (1520-66) is generally agreed to mark the Ottoman peak: significantly it isn't Turks who style him "the Magnificent"; (MORE)

What was the location of Ottoman Empire?

At it's height the Ottoman Empire stretched from east of the Straits of Gibraltar across North Africa, down both shores of the Arabian Peninsula, into western Asia and far up into southeastern Europe. European expansion of the Ottoman Empire was finally halted when Don Juan de Austria, son of Car (MORE)

Did the Ottoman Empire have to do anything with terrorism?

It is unclear what you mean by this question. There were certainly brigades in the Janissaries and Ottoman Traditional Armies that created terror and there were violent guerrilla groups that opposed the Ottoman Empire and civilians. The Ottoman Empire, however, did not design, create, define, or in (MORE)

What became of the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire survived until WWI, when the Ottomans reluctantly entered the war on the side of the Central Powers (the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany) and were defeated. After the war the Empire was divided up, with largest portion becoming the country of Turkey. Under their modernizing ne (MORE)

How did ottoman empire begin?

the ottoman empire began in the flying pinapelle period of Leo whats his name . first princess stupidhead got an automobile which then was spelled otto . then she fell in love with her ottoman .stupidhead and ottoman were happy soon they got married . About a month in marrige ottoman abused his powe (MORE)

How did the Ottoman Empire defeat the byzantine empire?

The Ottomans had skilled soldiers, so over time they would conquer different parts slowly, and once they had defeated the last of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire was now a large empire. The Ottoman Empire started off as a little community, but kept growing into a large empire, lead by a man (MORE)

How did suleiman govern the Ottoman Empire?

Suleiman personally led Ottoman armies to conquer the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Rhodes, and most of Hungary before his conquests were checked at the Siege of Vienna in 1529. .

How did the Ottoman Empire conquer the Byzantine Empire?

By conquering their Capital, Constantinople. Once this fell, therest fell easily to Mehmed II . The taking of Constantinople, though, was the actual end of theByzantine Empire. They lost most of their Anatolian and Europeanterritories long before the fall of Constantinople. The Turks hadan incredib (MORE)

What did The Ottoman Empire practice?

It is said to be 50/50. When The Ottomans conquered The Byzantine Empire, this brought many Orthodox Christians under Muslim Rule. By 1600, They had four out of five Orthodox Churches under their control, which amassed to nearly 500 million.

What was the Ottoman Empire?

It was an Turkish empire. Everyone was scared of them. That's why some idiots hate Turkish. (: Like Italians...! It was a Turkish empireand it is the biggest empire in history about all sides... art army humanity power etc

Was Sicily a part of the ottomans empire?

Even though Sicily was never a part of the Ottoman Empire for longtime, the Ottomans capturde the island 15 times in 1505, 1506,1510, 1514, 1522, 1526, 1534, 1540, 1545, 1547, 1551, 1552, 1553and 1563. Ottomans used the island mainly as a base to fight withthe Venetians, the Portuguese and the Spani (MORE)

Was the Ottoman Empire a democracy?

Ottoman empire was ruled by monarchs. Only one family ruled the Ottoman Empire and was the longest-ruling dynasty in history. It was a kind of absolute monarchy, not a democracy. During the Tanzimat Reforms, which occurred in the latter Ottoman Period (after 1839), Ottomans were trying make reforms (MORE)

How are Vienna and Ottoman Empire related?

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. During the medieval era of Europe, the Ottoman Empire was a very large and powerful country in the Middle East, and was difficult for the European countries to stop. In 1453 the Ottomans conquered the city of Constantinople and officially ended the Roman Empire (MORE)