Why did the Roman government fear the spread of Christianity?

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The Roman government feared the spread of Christianity because the Romans thought that if people who became Christians would stop worshipping the Roman gods. Early Christians also refused to pay homage to the Roman Emperor as divine, which was seen as challenging the Roman government.
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Which Roman emperors encouraged the spread of Christianity?

By the beginning of the reign of Emperor Constantine, it is estimated that Christianity had around ten percent of the population of the Roman Empire. Constantine gave the Chri

Roman empire on the spread of Christianity?

Originally, the Roman Empire persecuted the early Christian Church(that is what the Book of Revelation was all about), but, in the end, it became Christian, under Emperor Cons

How did the Romans help spread Christianity?

The Romans did not help spread Christianity. It was the other way round. Christianity was spread around the Roman Empire by the apostles, other missionaries and the clergy (wh

Who spread Christianity to Romans?

Paul. "...when we got to Rome, Paul was allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him... I was arrested in Jerusalem and handed over to the Romans. They examined me

Why did Roman authorities fear the early Christians?

There were lots of reasons! I think one of the biggest ones was that by following their own set of beliefs and laws, the Christians weren't following the Roman's beliefs and l

Why did the Romans worry about the spread of Christianity?

Christianity seems to have been both ignored and tolerated until the third century, when there began to be concerns about the loyalty of Christians and the risk that Christian

Who was the roman ruler who spread Christianity?

Theodosius I was the emperor who spread Christianity. He was the emperor who made it mandatory for everyone under his rule to be a Christian. This happened in 380 AD. Up to th

Did Christianity spread despite the torment from the romans?

It is thought that there were many isolated occasions of persecution of the Christians by the Roman authorities, but relatively few organized persecutions. In most cases, t

How was the spread of Christianity and the Roman Empire related?

The Roman empire was the tool enabling Christianity to spread. Christianity developed during the Pax Romana and during that time, with the good roads, safe sealanes, and relat
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Why did christian spread throughout the roman empire?

They heard of and/or saw Jesus and then the apostles do miracles by the Holy Spirit when Rome was occupying Israel, and they started to have a seeking heart towards God. As mo
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How did the roman emperor Constantine spread Christianity?

Constantine the Great did not spread Christianity. By the time of his reign, Christianity had already spread and had already become the religion of the masses in the Roman Emp
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What was the Roman Empire's role in the spread of Christianity?

The Roman Empire was the place where Christianity spread. It isalso the place where its doctrines and churches developed.Therefore were can say that the Romans have given us C
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When did the Romans try to stop the spread of Christianity?

There were some persecutions of the Christians which h wereundertaken by some of the Roman emperors. They were not aboutstopping the spread of Christianity. The most important