Why did the Shinto religion start?

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinto , this wiki eplains alot , give it a try
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When did the Shinto religion start?

I have heard around the time of Christ, possibly a bit earlier. Answer2:SHINTO is predominantly a Japanese religion. According tothe Nihon Shukyo Jiten (Encyclopedia of Japanese Religions), "Theformation of Shintoism is almost identical with the Japanese ethnicculture, and it is a religious culture (MORE)

What is Shinto?

Shinto is a polytheistic religion in Japan. They believe that everyone and everything has a soul. They teach respect for nature, the love of simple things, and the concern of cleanliness.

How did the Shinto religion start?

Shinto . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Shinto (神道, shintō ? ) is the native religion of Japan and was once its state religion . It involves the worship of kami (神, kami ? ), spirits. Some kami are local and can be regarded as the spiritual bein (MORE)

Why was Shinto started?

Shinto was not "started", like Christianity. It developed as the native primitive religion of the Japanese people thousands of years ago. It changed and developed and evolved just like all religions do. But there was no "founder" of Shinto like there is in Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and e (MORE)

Where do the Shinto people practice their religion?

The Shinto religion is the native religion of the people of Japan. It pre-dates Buddhism in Japan by a few centuries. The majority religion of Japan today is Buddhism. Some people mix the traditions of Buddhism and Shintoism.

Why Doesn't Shinto religion have holy scriptures?

I think they had scripture early on during the time the emperor was both religious and political leader than a shogun. but the shoguns just incorporated Buddhism for happy occasion like weddings, births, summer holyday, and Shinto was just solemn to shrines for other things. the general rules about (MORE)

How many people practice the Shinto religion?

"Shinto" is not so much a religion as it is an ancient way of life. A deep respect for beings (past and present) and all things in our environment. No organized religion or church or for that matter any type of worship. Just a sacred belief in each other and in our ancestors, our natural world and l (MORE)

Religions in Europe and how religions started?

In Europe the religions was very varied. But most of it was centered around CHristianity. That is until King Henry wanted to divore his wife, Catherine of Aragon. He made the Church of England, so from that time on, England has its very own religion. No one really knows how religion started. I thin (MORE)

Does the Japanese religion Shinto have a holy day and if what day is it?

Answer . Shintoism has several holy days, or feasts (matsuri):. - Oshogatsu (New Year on 1st January). - Seijin Shiki (Adult Day: 15th January). - Haru Matsuri (Spring Festivals). - Aki Matsuri (Autumn Festivals). - Rei Sai (Annual Festival: this day varies according to each shrine). - Shichi (MORE)

Shinto and Buddhism coexists as japans two religions how is this possible?

Shintoism and Buddhism can coexist because: One, the two religions have shared temples and ideas with each other. Two, Buddhism shouldn't really be considered a religion rather as just a belief considering the main person isn't an almighty god, just a person. Three, Eastern religions tend t (MORE)

Number of followers of Shinto religion?

There are 2.7 million Shinto followers in the world today. : ) . Technicaly there is 2. 9 million because most people that follow shintoism are also buddist.

Is Shinto a monotheistic or polytheistic religion?

It is polytheistic, but due to the nature of the word kami being singular and plural in Japanese it can seem motheistic to outsiders. Especially since when a typical native Japanese speaker trys to translate it; they would naturally assume that the English word god is also both singular and plural.

How many people believe in the religion Shinto?

It is estimated that two or three million Japanese follow Shinto and generally speaking only the Japanese follow the religion. Shinto is of such ancient origins that if there is a founder, no record can be found of that person. The religion has no scriptures and has always been passed down by word o (MORE)

How do you convert from one religion to Shinto or Daoism?

The same way as you would convert to any other religion. Think of the effects and repurcussions of conversion from one unbinding religion from another, it is'NT excusable, (and ironic) so I'd only imagine that you are supporting your 'application' to another faith based on...your own moral judgemeen (MORE)

Do people of the Shinto religion have special food?

Yes and these are the the foods and why RICE, MOCHI, AND SAKE. Rice is a long-standing staple of the Japanese diet, and it is not surprising that rice is offered in prayer and praise to Shinto deities throughout Japan. In many Shinto ceremonies, pounded rice cakes (mochi) are offered to the deities (MORE)

Best description of the Shinto religion?

Shinto (神道 Shintō ? ) or kami-no-michi is the indigenous spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people. It is a set of practices, to be carried out diligently, to establish a connection between present day Japan and its ancient past. [1] Shinto practices were first recorded and (MORE)

Who began the Shinto religion?

No known founder of Shinto religion. It was more like a slow emergence of myths. However, the first accounts of the mythological stories started around 500 BCE, possibly earlier Was not considered a formal centralized religious until the beginning of the 6th century, about the same time as Buddhis (MORE)

How is Shinto a unique religion?

Well, Shintoism doesn't have a founder, any important people, or any sacred texts. They believe in kamis which are spirits that are in everything, from trees to rocks to even people after they die. It is one of the oldest religions in the world, at 2,500 years old, about (established in 500 B.C.). (MORE)

Who found the religions Christianity Shinto Santeria?

Talk of aftershocks- Shinto is a Japanese religion with among other things a strong empasis on Emperor Worship- not for nothing was Hirohito called the Son of Heaven! Even the battle-cry Tenno- Heika- Banzai! meant- back to front- that"s the Japanese style- Attack! in the name of the divine Emperor- (MORE)

What is the Shinto religion and where did it come from?

The Shinto religion is an ancient Japanese religion started from about 500 BC. It is one of the smallest religions in the world. hope i helped! p.s. do you like my font? haha! soz, peaps! the info. on top is false! haha! u hav been tricked if u believed it! lol

Is Shinto different from other religions?

Yes Shinto is its own distinct religion. Indigenous to Japan focuses on the the balance of kami or invisible spiritual force. The most recognizable aspect of Shinto is by far the red cross beam arch that marks a shrine.

What mountain in japan is regarded sacred in national Shinto religion?

Shintoism is an animist-Buddhist religious combo. While there are separate temples for Shinto priests and the various Buddhist sects, the national religion is a combo of the two ideologies. As such, their religion reveres nature, such that any ancient/ especially beautiful part of nature holds a kam (MORE)

Are there any age sacraments in the Shinto religion?

I was raised Buddhist and I was tapped on both of my shoulders with a rolled up scroll when I was about three, I forget what the ceremony was called, but the other people getting tapped on there shoulders were a variety of other ages. I later converted to Christianity because it has a way to Heaven (MORE)

What are the beliefs of Shinto religion summarized?

The worship of multiple gods (aka polytheistic). The Shinto worship a number of spirits or kami that inhabitdifferent parts of the world. Simple rites and prayers are used toencourage the kami to be helpful and not harmful.

What are some religions like Shinto?

Shintoism is very similar to other Animist faiths such as those prevalent in Central Africa or pre-Christian Druidism in Ireland. All of these religions venerate local spirits who are responsible for managing the world and to whom reverence is owed. However, Shintoism originally had the unique as (MORE)