Why did the artist paint on cement blocks and not paper?

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he wanted solid art
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Where can you find a cement block maker?

Answer . my name is jason,i am a cocrete block maker you can find many at besser.com or at wcct in alpena community college.this is the only college for block makers in the

How many cement blocks on a pallet?

6x8x16 has 120 mixed std and bb while 8x8x16 has 90 all std or bb and 12x8x16 has 60 all std or bb and 16x8x16 has 45 all std or bb. Hope that helps

What is best type of paint to use on a cement block wall?

the right way to do it is apply blockfiller first, blockfiller is a thick acrilyc water based paint that can be applied by roller and brush. it fills all the cavity's so you c

What cement can i use on the face of the block?

It's called Surface Bonding Cement. It has chopped fiberglass in it. How to use it: Build a footer. Stack the block uo on the footer in the shape of the building. Get the bl

Where can you get cement blocks in Mafia Wars?

go to your chop shop under properties and spend reward points, ask friends or send one as a free gift to a friend and they may send one back. They can also be randomly dropped